Just Got my Nitecore i4 Intellicharger

…it has now been put on 26650 duty, which it appears to be handling very well in charging batteries the other chargers (that for some strange reason) wouldn’t charge.

Best charger I have. Works flawlessly.


I love mine and for some reason I feel more confident/safe using my i4 as opposed to my trustfire TR-001

I received mine on Friday. It will also charge D sized nimh batteries in either of the two center slots. All you need is a spacer on the positive end, I used a nickel.

Nice charger so far.

I have several li-ion chargers and the nitecore is quickly becoming my favorite. Being able to charge 4 batteries of different chemistries is awesome!

I’d prolly buy a dozen instead of just one or 6 like most normal people. :open_mouth:

Thats great. Topping off the last 26650 and onto the 16340s. I feel so accomplished!

Do the springs on yours work ok? Mine seem to get caught up. Which makes putting batteries on the charger a 2 handed operation. At times it can be quite frustrating. Besides that I love it.

Grrr…I get really angry when people talk about this charger. Reminds me of the DD scam/failed shipment. If you cant honor a price/free shipment, dont make people wait endlessly and pointlessly.

I’ll do that. Thanks for the tip.

Bought from Manafont. Mine charges to 4.18v consistently.

I know this is BS because nimhs all charge to a different voltage depending on their use. So this has officially proven that Kreisler is making up DD shit again...

MountainKing, are you referring to the i4 groupbuy for $19.95 from dinodirect?

+3 :wink:

Yes Sir. I am still trying to recover my money and they have told me just today to close my complaint on their website before they refund me…

OK, I pm’ed Summer 10/22/12, she said be patient. My i4 was shipped on 10/13/12 supposedly, been waiting since.

I remember that group buy and decided not to do it. I paid $5 more from HKE, I believe, and I’m sitting happy now. But don’t EVER be talked into closing a pp case until you have your merchandise in your hand! You can’t open it again. I made that mistake once with Easy(HARD!)lightbuy.com—never again!

I knew this would happen as soon as I posted. My i4 just arrived in the mail today! Just for stats, ordered and paid for through Paypal on 10/9/12, shipped status 10/13/12 and received today 11/06/12, a few days shy of a month. I read this is about the norm with other vendors from China, about 3-4 weeks. Happy camper now. Off to charge those cells I purchased from Kumabear.

Luv my i4 but 26650's take a long time. Wonder if I'm doin it right. Is there better 2 slots to use? Think I've used 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.

PS: The i4 sure got me thru Sandy - charged at work, light all night and morn! The HD2010 was great - tailstanding w/26650 on med or lo - lights up a whole room!

1 & 3 is shared, i.e. if you use both of the you will charge at low speed (Same goes for 2 & 4).