Just had some Panasonic R6-AA batteries given to me...Question.

Panasonic R6-AA Industrial General Purpose.

The neighbor who gave them to me says they are rechargeable.

The skeptic between my ears says: ask here first!

They are @ 1.5V each, per my MM.

Blue / silver / gray.

Exp. date? on the (-) end says 09 2013.

Made in Indonesia.

Caution statement says: 'May explode or leak if recharged improperly, mixed with different battery types or disposed of in fire. Do not open battery.'

Yeah, I know....sounds like they are.

But I didn't get this foolish by being old....

Thanx! in advance, for your input.


Do they look like these?

Unless I'm mistaken they are just heavy duty cells, an outdated (pre-alkaline) non-rechargeable battery.

Precisely like those!

Thanx, B'rer scaru.



Looks like they are Zinc Carbon NON Rechargeable batteries.


No big deal, but glad I checked here!