Just noticed

I've just noticed that the Google ads aren't there any more.

They didn't bother me at all, so if they help to cover your costs, don't remove them on my account.

And thanks for keeping us going.

Hmmm, that's strange, the ads are still visible for me. But the ads are geotargeted and are always different depending on where you live. I imagine you're not the only one because my Adsense account is showing nothing for today. The Googleplex will probably rectify it sooner or later. Thanks for the support!

Also disabled the ad blocker which ought to let through anything on this site anyway. Will investigate farther. I was seeing the Google ads even with the blocker enabled though. I do wonder what in this page or my browsing history makes Google think I'd be interested in golfing holidays in South Carolina USA. I don't play golf, have never searched on anything to do with golf and have never been to the USA, though my father's aunt lived in North Carolina from 1915 till her death in 1962.

In fact the crop of ads I see just now seem remarkably untargeted. I actually make a point on sites I approve of of clicking on ads that might just be of interest. The cheap LED light bulbs might be of interest if I believed the output claims any more than I believe them for CFL bulbs - they loudly claim that a 20W CFL is as bright as a 100W incandescent bulb (Something we in Europe are no longer allowed to buy). Well, I have several light meters that say different.

Google just doesn't serve ads sometimes. My ads that I am seeing right now are remarkably well targeted on most of the pages, and that despite the fact that I live in the part of the world that technology forgot. They normally don't target any ads for this region.

And didn't know about Chinese suppliers - if they even existed then. Got a bunch of solar panels to make a battery charger from. Rated at 1V and 500mA. Well tropical sunshine in the Kalahari desert actually flattened the batteries till I put in a blocking diode. I did eventually get them to their rated output. At about 8 inches from a 400 amp welding arc. Then I melted one. I bought 6 - cost me half a year's pay they did.

Last time I believed spec sheets.

The Internet is a wonderful thing....

Im seeing them.......

No sign of ads this morning.

there on my screen at the top and down the left hand side at [14.30 UK time]

This is what i get at the side of the screen......i also have the ads up on top as well.

Wow, that is pretty irrelevant. I get this:

Yes yours is mainly about sites to lighting...while mines about vacations, i wonder what this site is telling. lol


I was actually looking for them to look for UK light suppliers.

Power's back!

There should be (free) public service advertisements when Google can't find any paid ads.

No idea what's going on here.

Glad your power is back - or at least you've got the laptop charged up.

Either way glad to see you back on the boards.......

Despite several reloads. And I actually want to see them.

Google, get your act in gear!!!!!!!!!!