Just off the CNC - Update: It's Alve!

Evening Gents and Ladies,

Thought everyone might enjoy a sneak peak at what I'm working on for myself right now. The photos attached here are of the base of the 'to-be' enclosure. I tossed a CD in one of the pictures for size reference.

Machining this was a zero on the fun scale, but it was worth it. Came out quite nice. Should look really good once its tumbled and anodized.

Enjoy the pics :)


Wow, impressive work there!

Aux lights for the car? (at least I wish it is )

Thanks very much. It was really a tough job, so it's nice to have it be appreciated!

Exactly. Going on the brush-guard of my Jeep Grand Cherokee


Wow - beautiful.

I don't even CARE what it is. I want one.

Haha.. Thank you!

Very nice work. I want one too but I don't have a jeep

No need for a Jeep.

It would also make an excellent EDC torch :)


That would look fine on the front of my xterra. Nice handy work

Now I have to convince myself to sit down for an hour or two and finish up the circuit board layout.. Hopefully, I'll have this thing mostly put together in 2 weeks or so. Can't wait to see the output from 240 watts worth of LEDs :)

I’m interested too. I’ve been contemplating what route I want to go with aux lights on my x, the majority thought is be better off with hid. What emitters you gunna run in that?

When I drew this, the cad tool said it would weigh 4.01831 Pounds. Just tossed it on a (pretty darn accurate) scale. 4.03 Pounds

Color me amazed..

XM-L mostly. The very center will have a couple of XP-Gs for some extra throw.

I considered HID, but I like the solid-state nature of LEDs. I'm going to pot the entire thing in optically clear silicone. I should be able to drop this thing off the empire state building and have it still light up after it hits the ground.

5 XM-l + 2 XP-G?

It looks great, it should leave all our poor flashlights in the dark hehe.

18 XM-L + 6 XP-G

Yeah.. I think it might beat out the solarforces and sky-rays :)

Looks very nice!

WOW Most impressive. If I could do that I would be making my own light bodies. Sadly I can't

I looked at the holes inside, but it is obvious I looked wrong hehe.

Wow, that should be a huge amount of light then.

What the final assembly is planned to look like...

Home anodizing or local shop that does it?

That is some sweet work there PilotPTK!

I love the idea.

Are you going to fit some optics to the LED's to focus them or what is your thoughts on that?