Just saying Hi

I've been out of the loop for quite awhile. Honestly haven't read a single post in about 4 months until now, and still only a couple.

I knew I needed a couple months but had some other interruptions and it's turned into more. I've been delinquent supporting bistro-HD (the management should fire me, lol). It looks like there have been a few boards made with it, cool. My one and only bistro-HD light has still been working fine although I never did finish tweaking the timing the way I wanted. I also see the Q8 codes are out! Other than that, I'm still out of the loop, and still not sure how much time I'll have to get back in the loop, but we'll see. Maybe if there are urgent desires for something in HD maybe I can help with something a little, or maybe someone else already is.

So anyway, just saying hello in case in wondered what happened to me, or even if not.

HI! good to hear from you!
Take your time!

Welcome back, Flintrock!

Welcome back Flintrock. All the best. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Flintrock! :smiley:

Welcome back Flintrock! I thought you’d left us for good! I’m glad to be wrong about that. :partying_face:

Hey how it going ?