just today C78A 3,59 $ (LOW POWER LED)


Probably is with a low power cheap LED light, but should be good for some DIY, what do you think?

I actually think it has a LED, just the description doesnt make that clear..

What else can they put in them?

It looks just like the DinoDump magic smoke stick. I'm sure it has a generic blob of putty LED in it. If it is like the DD light then it has some mod potential and isn't bad if it doesn't fry itself in the first thirty seconds of use.

Thanks, MixoMaxo. :)

I realize this is a C78A, which I've never heard of before, but with the exception of the tailcap it looks like my C78s from DX. And those are still some of my favorite lights: cheap, take 14500s and AAs, FTT, easily disassembled and it just keeps on going. I know everybody loves the SK68, and yes, the C78 is longer, it won't tailstand but I probably still use the C78 more often than I use all of my Sipik clones combined.

Anyway, I figured I'd spin the wheel and ordered a couple. :)

I'm in for a couple myself. If it's like the DX light then you can't go wrong.

If it's the same light as the C78 DX sells it's a good buy. If it's like the DD POS magic smoke stick it's a waste of money. The only thing wrong with the real C78 is a tail switch that fails after a few months of use and cant be repaired. Fortunately the Nite Ize 5-mode minimag switch screws right on and makes it a very versatile light.

Sry but focalprice usually have bad description and reading that...

"Use C78-A domestic light bulb"

I thought was with halogen(Alogena in italian) bulb also considering the price, and I was having to leave in a hurry so no time for google that c78-a xD

Mf has something similar:


And it uses Osram Golden Dragon emitter (or its copy), so maybe "domestic" means "not Cree".

OK...just ordered this. Will prolly wind-up in the junk drawer with some 40 year old condoms and S&H green stamps...

My DinoDeath was a 2xAA 'honest, it wasn't arson!' special. I'm still holding on to the body until I get build up enough spare parts to frankenstein the poor thing. smooth movement, good anodization, scratch-free lens... and it left a burn mark on my eneloop!

Exactly. Got two of these FP C78As yesterday and they really have Osram Golden Dragon emitters. A bit dimmer than my DX C78, which has a Cree emitter. Otherwise ok. And of course: can't complain for the price.

Hi friend:

I am happy you like your light,if you have any questions,plz feel free to contact me, I am willing to help you


I gave mine to my wife, to use.

LOL,you are so nice

+1. Got mine as well. GD emitter, different lens than my C78s from DX, came with a sticker on the head and thicker o-rings but otherwise visually indistinguishable. Mine is a good bit dimmer, too (compared to the DX version from a few years ago) on 14500s. IIRC, these are DD. As usual, don't run these on 14500s for too long without improving the heat sinking first.

Thanks you like it,if you have any questions with FP,feel free to contact me, I am here waiting to help you

I got it 1 week ago(italian post XzXX!!!@@! xD).. here some photo near a sk68 q3

C78A with golden dragon on left sk68 Q3 on right, both with 14500 battery

The sk68 is way brighter and with warmer tint but on zoom the C78A have smaller and brighter beam making it a better thrower

for 3,5$ was a great deal, I thought was just trash XD