JW why no shake light reviews?

OK due to those 3 dollar fake shake lights, why are they no legit reviews on shake lights. I think I saw a video once of this european flashlight maker making more powerful shake lights. JW why nobody on BLF has done a review or mention them much. I did a search and only found like 2-3 threads asking about them.

What do you guys think of this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NightStar3-Shake-Military-Police-Fire-Flashlight-Green-LED-Waterproof-to-2200ft-/281013794261?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item416dba35d5

Also noticed the name brands called Magna & Sharper Image.

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I have a feeling, that they are rather large, pretty heavy (magnets), pack not too much lumens and even with a full shake, cannot last long.
Could it be the reason?
Yet again, they have a rechargeable battery. If kept in a car for ages, it will probably corrupt by time anyway.


The fake rechargeable "forever" dynamo lights a few years ago actually used CR2032 to "show-off" that it's a good light. No rechargeables inside whatsoever. So while the cell still pumps out juice, it would be months before a user finds out the fact (if ever).

I suspect a $3 shake light would be the same.

What, NC, you mean you WANT a review of him jacking off?

A dynamo crank mechanism would be a lot more efficient than the shaking if you need a self-powered light.

Here is a great shake light review. You shouldn’t miss it!

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I have that exact same shakelight, has a great beam after MANY minutes of shaking, but only useable at very close range, up to 5 feet or so, not bright at all.
I also have a pull cord rechargeable from ONE EARTH, that’s MUCH better than the shake light, also charges rechargeable things like phones etc, can be re charged from car as well, about same size as 2d torch.

But it's waterproof to a depth of 2200 feet!!!

Has to be true because you can't lie on the Internet. :X

Nice find!

OMG! That is too funny!!

I’m refering to the shaker in the video btw, not the ebay ad.