K2 LFP 123A


I have a Liquivision dive computer combined with a transmitter.

It came with K2 Energy LFP 123A rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Liquivision are very specific about what batteries are used with a colour code in the computer set up menu

They are like hens teeth in the UK and really expensive (about $20 each)

I am going round in circles tracking the suppliers down.

The carded package indicates SUREFIRE No. SF2R-CB, when I went on the Surefire website it is a discontinued item.

I emailed K2 Energy but got no reply.

Even if I find an outlet in the US that can not ship them to the UK because they are Li-Ion.

Any suggestions of an alternative I can try and track down in the UK?


I should add it is 3.2V 600Ah 1.93 Wh The package says Lithium Phosphate Energy Cell but the battery says Li-ion Rechargeable

I can’t help you with UK suppliers but have you tried searching with some combination of the terms LiFePO4, RCR123A and/or 16340?
Sure seems like Liquivision know how to charge for cells…

If looking for rechargeables, be sure to get LiFePO4 cells which are nominally 3.2V (max 3.6V) rather than the more common LiIon 3.6/3.7V (max 4.2V) cells used by the flashlight community.

I am guessing the battery choice settings in the unit are related to the device’s ability to accurately report the battery level as rechargeable cells have a different discharge curve to primaries.

Oh, and welcome to BLF!

Thanks Gadabout

Looks to me just like any other LiFePo but from this Manufacturer/Dealer

The Surefire SF2R-CB is a LiFePO4 16340, a quick search on Ebay shows tenergy and soshine cells, considerably inexpensive.

Do you charge the equipment very often? If not, you can use CR123 primaries instead, they have almost 3 times the capacity and costs about $1 each.

It is from K2 Energy.

I have emailed them for assistance in getting their batteries in the UK but got no reply.

Will I use the dive computer and the transmitter every summer weekend and every day on diving holidays.

I take liveaboard dive trips so rechargeable are essential.

I did try single use batteries when I first got the computer but found them to be unreliable. There are some cheap single use batteries around but they come from China and do not have a good shelf life.

As my dive computer is part of my life support kit I found the K2 LFP 123A to be the most reliable. There seems to be a problem getting them in Great Britan :frowning:

Having no fins myself, I am not a fan of putting my head under water. So I am the last person you should trust on: LiFePo is LiFePo. IMHO you are not the only person in the UK with this computer. There must be a diving forum or two where this question has been posted on.

You are correct Henk

They are like hens teeth in the UK, that can be obtained through Liquivision agents but are silly money about $20 US each

I have been able to source other items without the Sub Aqua or Marine badge at greatly reduced prices. Not a lot of luck with these

There is maybe an alternative LiFePo4 3V Battery, I call him the blue/yellow one, there is no exact labeling on it, but it´s tested from well respected members in the German flashlight scene, from Megalodon here in the MesserForum (Post 3) in comparison to the K2 battery (Post 2)


And here from light-wolff also well reputated in the TLF

I found a shop in Germany where you can get them to a reasonable price


It seems shipping to England is no problem, depends on the value of the order with Max on 7,95€ with value under 30€ (under ´Versandkosten´)
Maybe that´s an option for you

Sorry for my poor English

Thank you Dr Devil

I will check with other divers in my club and order from Akkushop.

Yore English is 100% better than my German

Danke Dr. Teufel

Ich werde überprüfen, mit anderen Tauchern in meinem Club und Auftrag von Akkushop .

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