Kaidomain 18v XML load of rubbish !!

Well i got this today as a replacement for my Solarforce L2X extended version, i though it would be a pocket rocket but i was wrong @ 8.4 volts it only pulls 1.2 amps and seems only slightly brighter than my MCE-M bin...

So if anyone is considering this drop-in don't bother..


Sorry that you cant use this 4.5v version, as it performs like expected:


Actually i have one of them already :-) i got one as soon as i saw them posted up on here !!

So, what's the deal with those higher voltage drop-ins? If you give an 9 volt XM-L 9 volts, will it be as bright as a 4.2 volt XM-L with +-4 volts or will it just have a longer run time because of more/bigger batteries to achieve the higher voltage?


Unless the difference is huge, comparing brightness with the eyes can be tricky. Maybe I should try to make an integrating sphere.


You can clearly see the difference between the higher voltage drop-in and my original 4.2v version.

I will try and make a comparison celling shot tonight.