Kaidomain Shipping Problems.

Ordered a 32650 from KD waaay back On Nov 22. A few days later they sent me an email asking if I was fine with HK Surface Mail indicating it would take longer than air mail which was fine with me (25-45 days estimated). A month goes by and then it finally gets marked shipped Dec 23. Tracking indicates it has left Hong Kong a little over a week ago and the PayPal deadline is up today. I filed the dispute yesterday and today kaidomain sends me an email asking for me to kindly close the dispute (not going to happen) and to be patient.

So I guess I’ll extend the dispute as long as possible and escalate on the second to last day or so.

Is this reasonable action?

I ordered 3 32650’s on the 26th November from KD as well. Same story as yours with the shipping. It took a couple of weeks for the tracking to work and left Hong Kong on the 15th of December. I have no doubt they will turn up eventually. I paid for registered post so I should have some sort of recourse with them if they dont turn up within a couple of months.

Two lights for $75 total. 8 days from order to shipping notice and more than 24 hours later it has not yet been received and scanned by the HK post office. Few China or HK orders experience other than some Amazon sellers but I consider the 8 days processing time to be SLOW.

I think I have been lucky with kaidomain. Never had an issue. Last 3 orders (that I can see in my emails) had shipping notice within 2 days and package arrived 2-3 weeks (last order still in transit). I have never ordered batteries though.

They are slower than FT. I ordered the exact same product from both FT and KD within minutes of each other, the FT one arrived 4 or so days ago, both contained an included lithium primary. Ill let you know how much longer the KD one takes. No information available re tracking.

I wonder how many of these “stores” are online operations without actual stock, warehouses, or inventory — set up to collect orders, handle money, and arrange shipping. That would explain the “lottery” effect — they don’t really have what they’re selling, they sell the idea of something and then find someone who will mail something out, eventually.

Hard to tell from here.

Say, are there any Indian flashlight suppliers? Might be different where everyone speaks English, I dunno.

Theyre called dropshippers. And its very common, in fact Id almost guarantee many of them are exactly that or at least some variation like taking orders until enough come in, and then order the required quantity to make a profit.

Lol I guess you haven’t ordered often from china….24hours from notice to track….lol
The notice means that it is in its envelope with your adress and will be given to the transport company:

This company transports it to Hong Kong, Singapore or another terminal were it waits until some cargo is free. This envelopes are non priority mail, they just fill up empty space.
Some packages can lay around for weeks, or month because it is no FIFO more like last in last out…

Kaidomain is super slow like DX.
I have ordered a football jersey from an aliexpress seller and it is on its way for 50 days, maybe it will be here on the final.
I once ordered a power bank from kaidomain which took weeks to ship and months to arrive…business as usual
If you get it faster you should be happy but if it takes months it’s just normal.
Some of the amazon and ebay vendors ship super fast, unsure how they do it but the direct from china websites need more time…

My order per the web site qualified for air mail service with tracking. We shall see how long it actually takes. I can remember when I lived in the Philippines back in the 1950s and 60s anything shipped by surface mail from the USA typically took 60 to 90 days to arrive. Werner’s post though made me realize again why I try to avoid ordering from China.

As of the 28th in the HKPO system so we shall see how long to get here to Reno, NV. Typically that seems to run about 10 days to 2 weeks including about 4 days to get through US Customs processing.

Lights arrived 07/05 so reasonable arrival time total of about 2 weeks.

I recieved my latest order. Again it was only a couple of weeks. Ordered a uf-2100 and a courui and a couple of drivers. I took out the courui, looked it over and pushed the button - Illumination - to my surprise it turned on!? I opened it up and pulled out 2 well used ultrafire cells. They don’t look to be manufactured the same but have same capacity on the label (even if they are slightly different, it doesn’t matter in this light).

So I got a bonus 2 cells, which to be honest I don’t particularly want, but it was a nice guesture anyway.