Kaidomain slow

I had a couple of orders i received just before Christmas for li-ion cells, one came in 2 weeks the other 3 weeks they included a free supercheap AA LED flashlight to get around the li-ion shipping regulations.


I’ve received items before tracking showed anything. 20 days is acceptable, two weeks is great, and 8 weeks is not unheard of. Anywhere in between is going to happen. Try not to worry to much about it for the first month.

I got to say I’m concerned with my recent order. I placed an order for 4 dropins on 9/14/17, total $43.40 so not a big order. It’s been about a month now and no tracking number shows up in the order status but is showing as “shipped”. I’m in California and usual my orders with them take a little over 2 weeks to get to me in my past experience, maybe 3 weeks tops but all have always shown a tracking number within a week after ordering. I tried reaching out to Ban and he said he’d look into it but didn’t provide me any additional information beyond that. So I decided to play it safe and put in a Paypal dispute earlier in the week. It took them over a day to respond with:

“Hi Sir, So sorry for delay. The order can be shipped today, would you please kindly close the dispute and we ship out the package?”

I then asked what was the reason for the delay for not shipping for over 3 weeks since the order was created and this was the response they gave me:

“Since the drop in is need to be installed, sometimes it will take longer time to make it. Hope you understand it. And the tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXX by 4PX. It can be tracked on en.4px.com two days after it ship out. The package already in shipping company. Please kindly close the dispute and we can ship it out.”

I have ordered P60 dropins from them before and never did it take me than 2 or 3 weeks to get to me and never was I ever under the impression or understanding they had to be made to order as it’s reasonable to think their supplier already have them pre-built ahead of time and have an inventory of them. I then told them I will be glad to close the Paypal dispute once I can actually track the package through USPS, not quite understanding what “4PX” is.

They then said:

“To US, we use 4px US express line, it normally take around 2 weeks to arrive. Can we use that shipping method?”

Anyone here in the US have any experience with 4px? Are they something like DHL where they hand the package off to USPS for delivery? If so, I would think at some point it can be tracked via USPS.

Not necessarily a bad customer service experience so far, but could be better in my opinion. I’m concerned they seem to be not understanding my point of view by insisting several times I close the Paypal dispute. So I’m not sure if something is being lost in communication here or there still is a huge difference in perspective on customer service between the east and the west. Also maybe I’m expecting too much, but I was hoping for a better explanation for the delay than what they gave me… more like, “oh we’re sorry we made a huge mistake and it’s our fault for the bad service” or something like that. I don’t know like I said, maybe something is lost in the translation.

In comparison my last order from Fasttech, 2 weeks ago was 10 days to the UK, Same for an US BLF member we both ordered knives.


On 22/08/17 I placed orders with KD and FT, FT informed me it would be 10 days until they had the stock, I said OK send when ready and on the 10th day it was shipped with a tracking No for a $10 order, KD said theirs was shipped the same day (22/8) I received the FT order a week ago, still no delivery and no tracking No from KD }P

Cheers David

Before Christmas i ordered li-ion battery`s from KM, 2 separate orders, one came in 2 weeks, the other took 3 weeks.


I ordered a lowly NW XP-l Hi for my Manker U11 before my safari in Africa. I ordered it like 6 weeks before - ample time. It gets to a month and nothing. I speak to Kaidomain and they had forgotten to send it. They apologised and dispatched it the next day, and I accepted that it wouldn’t come in time. Two weeks later, on the very day of me leaving it arrives - but I had no time to do the swap. Mildly irritating at most.

Amazon take 10 days to deliver free orders, they hold onto the order for 9 days and then delivers on the 10th to make delivery so painful that you sign up for Prime.

Ha Ha, Jokes on them, I order from eBay instead.


I have stopped ordering from them lately. Great light selection and parts but WTF is wrong with the shipping system/department??

Well then that is a shame because they do seem to have an excellent selection of lights and parts for us flashaholics. At the very least, I wish they would be less robotic with their customer service responses when they have shipping problems or made a mistake in not shipping. To me, the response I got was very matter of fact, just made it seem like they didn’t really care to make things right and correct the problem. Like I said previously, maybe I’m expecting too much or being unrealistic based on the levels of customer service we get here versus elsewhere in the world… again perhaps something is lost in translation.

Ask for the money back

They return the money through PP and the dispute will close automatically
Then, with the money you order again
This way you keep PP protection
After closing a dispute, you can not reopen


I am sorry for the situation for your case.

In your order, you had made 4 different kinds of LED drop in. I am sorry for one of the LED drop in does not in stock and cause the delayed of the package. I know that is the not a excuse for the delayed of your package. And there is China National holiday in the first week of the October. Some LEDs is not arrived on time and we cannot assemble it.

Once the LED drop in is ready, we had arranged to ship out asap.

If you get any problem on your order or shipment, please feel free to contact me in here or send an email to sales@kaidomain.com

We will follow your problem and see what is the matter.

I am sorry for that.

Thank you


4px is once of international logistics courier.


If you are not worry your order, you can cancel the order and we will fully refund to you.

This is the great protection of shopping online with Paypal.

Thank you

Ban I appreciate the response and I would like my order to be completed. Can you please tell me when I can reasonably expect to receive the order now that it has been delayed? Are we talking another 2 to 4 weeks? Also, does 4px deliver themselves here in the US or do they hand the package over to USPS to deliver like DHL?

As i know, your package is ready for shipped out.

It will take around 14 to 20 working days to be delivered. It must leave Hong Kong within 1 to 3 days.

I am difficult to promise when does the package can be delivered to your hand. The deliver time will be affect by the custom or local logistics courier. As i know, they will co-operate with some local logistics company in some places.

Thank you

OK Ban, thank you for the update. I will keep checking the tracking information. When I am comfortable with the tracking status, I will consider closing the dispute.

Hi friend

If you concern you cannot re-open the dispute in Paypal, we can refund to you. And you can consider to place the order again or not.

Sorry for any inconvenience cause to you.

Thank you


Kaidomain shipped order after 10 days. I think ill find another place to buy

Order No: 1712220019 from 23-12-2017 has never been received.
It’s time to open a dispute through Paypal :frowning:

In my experience Kaidomain is faster than average on shipping from that side of the world.

Now I get 90% of all my lights and related parts from Kaidomain.