KC1 keychain light is available now

This ^ is all very interesting to me , although still very new to me and i am tryng to keep up and lear exactly what you all are talking about with the BBL and DUV..

One thing i noticed, @ thefreeman, you said:

"But you also have to take in consideration that most LEDs out there are green tinted and the purple reflection AR lenses add even more green on top of that."

I managed and ran a paint store for about 10 years, and i got pretty good at matching custom colors of paint and stain. Yes the computer matches most things for the paint store employee, but it is often wrong with custom color matches for existing colors when people want to touchup paint, etc... and transparent stains cannot be matched with a computer at all, so it requires learning how the 8 foundation pigments interact with each other to attain the desired "tint". I become quite good at these customer transparent stain matches because no one else wanted to do it. it required too much time.

All of that to say - when colors were too green, i would add red pigment or magenta pigment. when colors were too red or magenta, i would add green or deep gold pigment. basically offsetting the color and walking it into the right shade.

Is light and AR lenses the opposite? Does a green tinted AR lense push an emitter that already has a green tint to be more green? I find this interesting. and sorry if this is a stupid question, i know i have much to learn with this. but i am interested because i can relate it to something i already know a little about (paint, color).

Have you read the article Agro linked ? It explains it well I think (thanks for the link).
BTW it mentions that the multilayer coating lessens those reflections, that explains why the kaidomain lenses are better.


Now…my notes which may or may not be correct. Please let me know what do you think.

But almost all light that hits a lens in a reflector light comes at an angle that’s quite close to perpendicular.

I would say the intensity of light reflected by the emitter is strongest close to perpendicular, but light in general (all light) is cast on a lens, on both sides, 180°

I had to think of it this way to understand, but I agree with what you are explaining.

That is very interesting. If anyone can locate a source for these coveted green tinted lenses, I would really like to get some.

Would these be viable to run with 4x 4000k SST20 and 4x W2? If they would play nicely together I think that would be an awesome combo.

This maybe can help. :+1:

Boy, my reputation is on the line ! Seriously, i wish i owned a rosy 5D . You wanting to stick to the xpl-hi route, this is a nicer avenue i think .



Well, here goes nothin'! A DT8 Coming in 8a. Hope they're Rosy LOL :)

[/quote Boy, my reputation is on the line ! Seriously, i wish i owned a rosy 5D . You wanting to stick to the xpl-hi route, this is a nicer avenue i think .[/quote]

Well.. yes it is! i didnt say it , you did! LOL. Nah I'm kiddin', I'm sure ill be happy and i look at it like - you suggested to me to select an emitter I've been really wanting to try but have been too chicken to pull the trigger on. I like my sst20 2700k lights, I like my xpl-hi output, and i dont care about HICRI as much as SWEET TINT :). so I'm sure ill like it. Funny though, i almost went with 5000k on this light at first, now Almost going with the opposite.

Thank you Lightenzaza!

Oh, and i feel lucky to have a single rosy 5D light, considering the only other 4000k xpl-hi i have that is rosy is my ROT66 gen2, so a little different than an edc lol.

Hank ships fast. Real fast. My KR4 shipped on the 4th and arrived this morning. I hope my DT8 comes as quickly.

Yea, yea, yea.. you folks in the UK get the Primo special treatment with your fast ship times, while we suffer over here in the states with our 2 week ship times...

LOL, just kiddin' its not that bad, but you all do get things QUICK.

My DT8 and D4s W2 shipped today, the countdown begins!

So, I just got that call from my wife… "Your flashlights came in ". Me: "what flashlights?"

except I was serious, because my DT8 and D4S Shipped five days ago and now they are in my living room!! The quickest shipping I've ever gotten from any manufacturer overseas was 10 days, Hank just cut that in half. I'm not even sure how that is possible. But it is friggin awesome! Checking out my first DT8 tonight!

And there you go!

So, first impressions - Photos online cannot give an accurate enough picture of how SMALL this DT8 is! And that is a great thing! I have in the last 2 months received 2 of the new FireFlies E07x Pro's, which i Really like but they are not small lights by any means (but probably close in output to the dt8 while still being pocketable, is why i mention them specifically). But having the DT8 in hand, i see what all the hype is about with it - its TINY! Like barely bigger than the D4. and if the output is as good as it should be (and i'm sure it will be), it is a huge deal to have that many lumens, so nicely designed and executed, in such a tiny package. This little light is beautifully done, awesome work Hank!

Oh, and the D4sv2 is fantastic as well!

Artiet59, wait till you get outside with that. Feed it well! It gets hot fast, but somehow it cools very fast too. Neat light, the DT8.

Ohhhhh. I like it. Looks awesome. I have a bunch as well. Emisar has a cult following.

Hahaha your post may have pushed a few folks off the fence. Mine is in transit, really looking forward to getting it. Still waiting for a review.

Anyone have a link to a comprehensive review of the DT8?


I don’t think it’s been around for long enough yet. Very interested to see it’s sustained brightness compared to other pocket rockets.

There is a detailed review in the German Forum (TLF) from andreas0401 with beamshot comparisons and runtime tests
(hope you can see the pics)

Here in BLF there is the beamshot comparison from his review

yea, you are right, it does cool really fast! I don't know.. the More used it last night / this morning (it's 4am), the more I feel like it might be one of my favorite.. well damn. I'm not saying anything yet. It's really, really good though. Gotta keep using it. Gotta get it in xpl-hi 5K next, just for output. This xpl-hi 2800k 8a is a Really nice tint. I can already see why this made it into production though. It's a mini beast. Running it on molicel P26a, it's doing great. @ 3.8v, I've probably run turbo 20 times until too hot to hold (45 seconds?) and had it on for another 20 minutes in higher outputs. I mean if you want longevity you need to buy a 35e or something. I don't own any, I just own a dozen or so P26a and swap them out as needed.