KD 16mm XM-L is actually 16.5mm ...

I bought the emitter from KD here http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11130

It won't fit in my desired application now, what should I use it for now, or should I return it? It won't fit in a P60 dropin either....hmmm what to do

File down the sides of the aluminium base. If its close enough, and you dont short the copper tracks to the base you will be fine.

I agree with okwchin, just grind the edges down a little. A quarter millimeter all around isn't much.

I was thinking of grinding my 12.8mm base down to 8-9mm, which will be cutting tracks and everything, but im pretty confident it will work out fine.

Only problem now is that the aluminium body im working on is really uncooperative, and wont machine nicely, so I havent got up to the LED installation part yet.

I would file it down, then clean the residue off with an air compressor. No piint to use duct tape on the led dome unless you have very shaky hands. :)

I have drawn a black line around where I would approximately grind down to

what happens if I grind it all the way down to the contact/solder patches? . Would it short out or could I just put some electrical tape on that edge? I want to see if I can get it down to 15 mm to fit in my x2000 type light to see what the throw beam size is like.


I want to see if I can get it down to 15 mm to fit in my x2000 type light to see what the throw beam size is like.


The beamshots here should give you a good idea of what to expect with an XM-L @2.8A in a flood to throw.

About grinding down mcpcbs: the thread on my Apex+++ mod (http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/1505) includes a picture of an XM-L star that I brutalized to make it fit into the Apex, but it works just fine. The Apex doesn't have a pill though, so that earlier advice about bevelling the edge makes sense.

BTW, I didn't grind my star, I used big tin snips to get the rough shape right, then a file, with the mcpcb held in a vise.

Cutter has 14mm's, A guy on CPF can reflow emmiters onto his custom 10mm PCBs for .5 bucks.

You can grind down all you want, I did, just check if the cooper layers aren't in contact with the aluminum base, the dielectric layer has 100 micrometer , as say above a little bezel at the edge can't hurt

yea the 16mm kaidonain xml are 16.5

with 5 minutes grind will fit perfectly