KD 5 mode XM-L Driver

Probably the microcontroller either doesn't have eeprom/flash, or can only block-erase it, and they needed a separate chip for mode memory... or else the entire driver runs from it, but at 256 bytes, that's not much program space.


2.6A to 2.8A with fresh hot of the charger cells

Thanks. So its basically running 2.6A on start then dropping steadily... suspect there is around 1.8A on Vbatt 3.8 or so... Not really my type of driver, not for bike use that is.

Thanks for testing Old.

Old, can you check if your driver has same behavior on almost drained battery? See https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/3225?page=1#comment-59846

I will check as time permits - but its DD so I would say yes ...

Old, I meant to test only very last part of runing in range 3.0 - 2.8V when driver drop current from high to very low mode. I would like to know if your driver has same behaviour in this last part. Of course driver is obviously DD.

I see .. You want to see what happens at 3v

Yes, I meant behaviour just before the battery is completly depleted.