KD C8 xm-l2 vs Convoy C8 xm-l u2

Wich is the best flashlight? more powerful on high with the best driver? ¿best electronic? ¿best quality?

KD C8 xm-l2

Convoy C8 XM-L U2

What do you think?

The KD will provide perhaps 15% more light but the Convoy is a much higher quality, better made example.

Yeah, Convoy is supposedly better quality than KD, but I don’t have one myself. The XinTD c8 from intl outdoor is supposed to be the highest quality c8 around. I do have a xinTD and it is worth every penny and more IMO.

The KD is known to be very bright for the price. Some members have also had good experience with Lightmalls xml2 c8 and c12 (myself included). Lightmalls xml2 seem to be a little bit brighter than KD according to most reports.

Cheapest bang for buck I would go lightmalls. Ultimate best overall and best longterm value is still the xinTD.

Read this post and this thread here for more info:

Hope that helps.

But… but… The KD C8 is “300-Meter, Waterproof”… :smiley:
(yes, I know what they meant)

On an on-topic note, my KD-C8 (one of the first they produced) died on me in less than an hour of use, so I don’t trust KD generics anymore.

Ok, so I don’t need another C8, but a member posted this, and holy crap Cree has released a few XM-L2 U3s, so I bought this:


Members are reporting that this is designed at 5 amps, if you have the right battery:



The Convoy is a better quality light but does not have that bright a spot as far as C8s go. It’s overall output is similar to other C8s. I can’t give you exact measurements on the Convoy because I replaced the emitter with a FT U3.

But ….

Convoy C8 with U3 with original driver = 17k spot/61k overall light output (ceiling bounce)
KD C8 U3 = 25k spot/61k overall
Lightmalls C8 L2 = 24k spot/81k overall
Ultrafire stock C8 U2 = 20k spot/51k overall

Spot was measured at about 15 feet in a dark room. I’m redoing these measurements because some were a bit high. I think there may have been more ambient light in the room than I originally thought, but these measurements were all taken under the same conditions so for relative comparisons they should be okay. Bounce measurements were on the middle scale.

Hope this helps.

Given the price & high quality, I would chose the convoy. Its half the price of the xintd, supfire and similar and a true steal for $15.

Convoy C8 review.

Hhhmm, wonder if that's real. DanceLite -- hhmm..... I'd buy one just to get the emitter, also the host having "XM-L2 U3" engraved on it is pretty cool. If it's real, SinkPAD - Nanjg 3.85-4.0A, de-domed and should get 120 kcd or so... That 7000K is a great candidate for de-doming.

I suspect that m8 uses same driver as LM c8 and c12. Price is even exactly the same as the c12.

Given all these options being thrown around it is a good time to buy c8s! :slight_smile: $15 convoy is a steal. Still think the xinTD is worth every bit of $30 how it is built, but I need to check out these convoys.

And I also have the lightmalls C8XMLU3 and for the 3.00 $ diffrence and 21/2 month wait from kaidomain I cant see any visual diffrence I’d fo with lightmalls C8Xml2!

Pretty sure light junkie meant he has the older lightmalls xml1 u3 and KD xml2, and given price, shipping times, etc he thinks lightmalls is the way to go… Lightmalls has an xml2 u2 version out now.

But, FYI, xml2 u3 emitters are supposedly around, but still hard to get. Armytek is selling an xml2 u3 version of their Barracuda already. They just haven’t quite trickled down to the budget lights yet.

Thanks haterade you read my mind !?

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

cutter.au has them listed, but sold out. That aliexpress link I posted earlier was advertising it - who knows if it's real. Lots of crap out there being sold under false labeling.

Open Response to Lou_Menn, XM-L2 U3


And will the convoy have some day a xm-l2 version?
Perhaps it’s the perfect choice with it.

Probably… eventually most xmls will probably be upgraded…. but that could literally be a couple yrs for budget models. Really hard to predict. You could put a request in to fasttech, but no certainty anything will come of it.

2 years??? but if the KD c8 has a xm-l2 U2 yet!!!

I was referring to XML2 U3, sorry that was not clear.

Hard to say how fast updating will occur. Will probably depend a lot on the brand and particular model.

couple years is probably an overstatement for things like these hotrod C8s. I meant cheaper budget XML stuff.