KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

I noticed there are some SST-40’s that are de-domed on kaidomain. Wonder how they did this. I have tried with several different chemicals with minimal success. Didn’t like the results anyway. May buy a couple just to see how well they perform. They start at $5.99 each.

Hi Ban

Would Kaidomain be able to source a reel of SST-40 in NW tint? I am liking the NW in the Astrolux FT03 the tint is about the same as the Cree 3A tint, which is my favorite, in N5 or even N4 would be great.

What say you?

That would be awesome. I’d buy some!

I would be in as well. I’m sure there would be several folks that would buy neutral SST-40`s. They are extremely difficult to find.

I would also be VERY much interested into the SST-40 in 5.000K tint.

Apart from that…
Ban, did you have any chance yet to look at my inquiry (see PM from January 2, 2019) about optimizations of your H1-A boost driver? It would be great to see it able to run with more current than 1A at 12V. I need some help to find the right resistor to mod. Maybe you can have some modifications applied by your manufacturer. This driver would sell like hot cakes as people would be able to build a short-tubed Convoy L2 XHP35 HI or the new S11 with SMO reflector and XHP35 HI.


Lux-Perpetua the H1-A can handle triples in series well at least at 2A maximum output, Jensen567 did such testing.

For what you want the TPS61088 boost controller is probably not adequate, too limited I think.

For succesfully driving an XHP35 the Monolithic Power Systems MP3428 (used in the H2-C, see this Jensen567's quote) is a much better choice. And now that we're here, the MP3429 would be an even better choice as we usually want more current. ;-)

Cheers ^:)

Gracias Barkuti! :beer: I will have a look onto that.
Saludos, Thomas

BanL, it’s really nice to see dedomed SST-40.
I wonder if doing the to CRI95 SST-20 would be a good thing.
The problem people complain about the most with CRI95 SST-20 is that its tint tends to be greenish, especially at low levels.
I believe it was shown that slicing the dome makes the tint of this emitter rosier, reducing the problem.
Would chemical dedoming work the same? I believe yes.
Also it would make a nice LED for high-cri throwers. :slight_smile:

Barkuti likes to look deeply into things (and I thank him for that)

+1 interest for single cell Convoy L2 built with XHP35 and a proper driver supplying about 1.8-2A for that LED.


Do a group buy and order from Mtn for EU ppl. It’s not cheap to get something good

Hi friends

LUMILEDS LUXEON V is available in KD

Lumileds LUXEON V White 6500K LED Emitter

Lumileds LUXEON V Neutral White 5000K LED Emitter

Also it comes with new 4040 DTP Copper MCPCB for it.

KDLITKER 4040-16 DTP Copper MCPCB for Luxeon V / 4040 LEDs

KDLITKER 4040-20 DTP Copper MCPCB for Luxeon V / 4040 LEDs



Cool haven’t seen a 5000K V yet

Hi friends

KDLITKER E6 P60 Style Flashlight host is in promotion.

US$17.44 US$11.99 (standard) now

KDLITKER E6 / E6S Flashlight Shell

It is all compatible with KDLITKER P60 LED drop-in module.

Qualilite D21 CREE XP-L HI 2 Groups of 3 to 5-Mode LED Flashlight
US$25.99 US$15.99 now

Enjoy :smiley:


Thank you BanL, these are really fair prices, took both.

Hi friends

3V CREE XHP50.2 K2 1A had arrived.

3V Cree XHP50.2 K2 1A White 6500K LED Emitter


Thanks for the info. Any chance for warmer bins?

My de-domed SST40 blew up in my FT03 :confused: oh well; I’m reading now that they’re only really good for ~8A de-domed and turbo pushes >9A.


Got some lovely microscope photos of the emitter beforehand, though.

Any chance you can source 3A or 3D 3V XHP50.2 LEDs?

I’d be in on some of them :wink: :+1: