KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

Kaidomain deals

Nice thread idea. I've been a long time fan of KD.

I’d buy from KD way more if their search function worked correctly. Maybe this thread will help.

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Yup! Frustrating isn’t it!


I just looked yesterday at around 2700 flashlights at KD. I found two that I wanted, both out of stock. Also I and others received Black Cats from them that didn’t work out of the box. Mine had something like Loctite on the head threads, keeping it from conducting. They did compensate me, and eventually I got it working with only scratches, but it was a nuisance.
I have a light that looks like that from some recent deal. It is nice but not slim and nice like an SS-5039.

I haven’t bought anything in a long time, but I’ve always had good luck with KD.

Now that is what I call a problem. :wink:

[Fritz t. Cat wrote:
I just looked yesterday at around 2700 flashlights at KD. .]

Fritz if you continue to spend such amount of time looking for new lights, who will help me with my questions:):slight_smile:

Hello to everyone

I would like to bring more good deals from KD and glad to hear all the advice from you.

Thanks for all your supporting and interesting with KD.

MXDL SA-16 is now $5 (Sales Limited) :slight_smile:

KD C8 Cree XM-L2 U2 3-Mode OP Flashlight $10

Can we get a general BLF code at Kaidomain that will cover flashlights, parts, and batteries?

Sure. We would release a BLF Code to all BLF member later.

If you get any interest, please feel free to leave any message to me.

I’m interested in a code too…

Now there is talk of a code now that I have made an order earlier today. :expressionless:

Want to bring a small COOL Cigarette Style Flashlight and Red Laser to all of you

Only $1.98 , with 4 Color (White, Black, Blue, Red)
Hope you will enjoy it :bigsmile:

but this looks kinda cool

No deal, but this looks kinda cool


Yep, looking forward to a discount code too. Long time customer here.

WOW!! :open_mouth:

I have about 7 of these now they bright and very well made. They are great for gifts

They have some XHP70 N4 (6000K) for $13.61 on 17 copper stars $13.61 (probably not DTP) and on 21mm aluminum

Everything I have looked at there today, the description is all messed up.