KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

Nah, don't worry. I just pinpointed what seemed wrong to me, but I haven't actually purchased those gaskets.

A new interesting driver available @ KD. It’s 20mm, takes 1/2 Li-ion and pulls 5A. Yummy. :heart_eyes:


Input Voltage:
3V - 9V (1 / 2 x Li-ion)
4000mA (5000mA (max.))
Moon (5mA) > Lo (200mA) > Med (1500mA) > Hi (4000mA)
Double Pressed: Turbo (5000mA)
Triple Pressed: Strobe

  1. Constant Current
  2. Low Voltage Warning:
    When voltage is below 3V, it will keep flashing.
    When voltage is below 2.7V, LED will shutdown automatically.
  3. Battery reverse protection
  4. LED short circuit protection
  5. Memory function : ( > 3 secs)
  6. Smart Thermal Management Function
    Auto adjust the LED output current to maintain stability and achieves the high performance.
    20mm ( Dia. ) x 1.6mm (Thickness of PCB)
    x 7mm (Thickness)(including all component)

I wish there was a BLF driver like that…

At least strobe is hidden yay.

Hey Ban any chance you can shrink this driver down to a 17mm or around that size? I will start buying these instead of the BLF drivers if you can.
22mm Fet

Looks good on paper, but until some techie expert tests it all I can say is we'll see.

Mode spacing looks reasonable. The Smart Thermal Management Function thing makes me wonder how good actually the driver is efficiency speaking.

Really nice price or so it seems, at least compared to other offerings. Added to wishlist.


There’s a guy, Windforce from Poland, who tests drivers, maybe he’ll get interested in this. But I don’t know why his testing is being ignored so far…. Link

I think a reversible connector is a lot more convenient than Micro-USB. I'm also pleased with the other functionality added by the USB-C standard, even if not everyone manages to implement it properly.

BanL, I see Your stuff on Bang Good…The JINHENG JKK70 30W 3600 Lumen Powerful 26650 Flashlight SST40. In description say 3600LM / 30W. Colour temperature : 4000k, 5000k, 6500k
Likn here: https://www.banggood.com/JINHENG-JKK70-30W-3600-Lumen-Powerful-26650-Flashlight-SST40-Strong-Floodlight-Flood-Light-Brightness-High-Lumen-LED-Torch-p-1476110.html

I’ve got some question regard of the lights….

  • Is this a HighCRI tint light ?since it Luminus I guess so…
  • 30 W similar power to the XHP70.2 version driver?
  • Description didn’t include weight, wonder what the actual unit…
  • Is this De-domed or Original form led?

Hi hasddie293

1. This is not hight CRI version.
2. They are using different driver
3. JKK70 is around 200g (only the flashlight)
4. This is original form LED.

Thank you


Link fixed for illustrative purposes.

Pretty sure what Bangbad is selling is nowhere close to what BanL does.

The SST-40 emitter is yet to be manufactured in high CRI.

3600 lumen out of a single SST-40? Not before it blows up. False advertising.

What the @#$%? The SST-40 is not a multi-die emitter.

I was going to show that photograph where two different emitters are shown, but these @#$%%$#@@#$ embedded the image in a different page nested inside the main one.

In any case, stay away is my advice.

Cheers :-)

I think the specs are wrong because look at the pic that is here the LED is clearly a XHP50.2? Its a mix up of specs and pics id say. If you scroll the pics on Banggood site its got a SST40 pic and also a XHP50.2 next to it.
Ah i just read you wrote this for some reason your writing is small.

BanL, any chance to see some day JKK70 and/or JKK36 (especially JKK36!) as host on KD? Please consider since Christmas is comming… (slowly) :partying_face:

BanL, now that you sell 3030 mcpcb, do you think you will stock some CSLNM1.TG, CSLPM1.TG, CULNM1.TG and the Oslon Square 92 or 96CRI emitters? If you can source the Oslon Square, please get below the BBL tint bins. Thanks.

Guys, BanL managed to stock SST-20 versions of the JKK21700:

Seems like a great light now.

Yes it is a @#$% mess.

Take a look here, I found its complementary mess: JINHENG JKK36R XHP70 30W 1250LM Type-C Rechargeable Flashlight Type-C Quick Charging 18650 Flashlight - 5000K

So, the first flashlight is XHP70 equipped. The latter one uses an SST-40 (or so they say).

What's the fuss with them?

Cheers :-)

1300 lemons out of a single high CRI SST-20? Sorry?


1300 lumens out of a 65CRI SST-20 is easily doable with enough power.

Barkuti, you nailed it…thank for your thought and that is so true. I don’t see Sst40 with warmer temperature…used 30W is he same wattage use for xhp70.2? Catched…

Hi SKV89

Yes, i had only some stock left.

I will post it on today.

Thank you


Hi Ban,

I want to order 20mm quad XP-L HI warm white.

There are two XP-L HI emitters listed:

3000K T5 7C1
3000K - 3500K U4 7A2

I want the U4 7A2 emitters on the quad mcpcb. How can I be ensured that I get those emitters? I do NOT want the 90CRI TT5 7C1 emitters. I cannot choose on the quad mcpcb selection.