KD M60 XML (2*18650)

Hi I want to buy some 2*18650 flashlight and Im very interested in kaidomains M60 XML 5-modes FL. I didnt find a WORD about this FL over the internet, so please could any owner of M60 write some opinions (currents, heatsink quality, comparison with e.g. KD C8 which is more common these days). Thanks a lot mates.


PS: also you could recommend some other 2*18650 light with price up to $40

I also am looking at buying a 2 x 18650 xm-l light as my next purchase.


Impressive floody light with a shallow OP reflector. Slight green tint on my example.

Buy this at MF for the measly sum of less than 10$ and put in a P60 of your choise and you are

in business:


Also here with a led:


Lots of reviews there! I have the light, its great!

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THX fishinfool :)

TO Nautic: WF 502d is too small, now I have C8 XML and Its superb but I want something even stronger something for 2*18650 with bigger reflector...Im thinking about building up my own FL with some solid housing and quality driver + XML + some reflector...what else do I need??? ;) Is it worth to do it by myself in the case of saving money??? I will give max of $40 for it :)

I do like a light with a larger head as well.

Check the TrustFire X8.

OK. How about a big 5-mode 3x18650 xml with a big reflector: http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11145

LOL thats too BIG and I have only 2 sets of DX 18650 batteries!!! Im looking for something like Beamtech T6 XML, KD M60 XML etc...

Triple 18650 in series with less than stellar quality cells and a balancer = pipe bomb deluxe. The only drawback is you don't know when it will go off. :/

Everybody here use only stellar quality cells as we are told to do. Othervise a little thrill in your life dont hurt.

That's a thrill I could do without.



Chicken or not, I would like to learn more about this Li-Ion balancing/matching requirement. Wink

A good link or two would be most appreciated.

This may help


Thanks for the link Don. Very very informative.

The best safety information is to be found in the RC model forums. Those guys treat their batteries seriously harshly. Even the hardest driven XM-L is nothing compared to what those guys do to their battery packs.

Good read, thank you Don.