KDIY KF8 flashlight (1x18650 XHP50.2)

Thanks for the review djozz. Looks like a nice flashlight. I read on the Kaidomain website that it has a “Low Voltage Warning: It will keep flashing when the voltage is below 3V.” Do you know if it eventually turns off, or does it just keep flashing?

I’m just not too fond of cooler low CRI tints, and in combination with a less than perfect beam and some tint-shift over the beam makes this light not my favorite. But in a 90CRI 4000K tint it get ways more attractive. Let’s see if that will become available somewhere, I hope for KD.

Thanks for the review Jos.
Hmmm, looks better than the Haikelite I planned to buy (sold out already). I’m getting more into boost driven FL now for their flatter runtime. The Haikelite MT01 wins in battery capacity while KF8 is more EDC-able.
Can you please measure the reflector largest width and height for me? If my Gaggione TIR fits in, then this could be my next toy.

- Clemence

I will do reflector measurements and check low voltage behaviour when I’m home again, perhaps I have time on monday.

:+1: :slight_smile:

The regulation seems very good, should be even better at lower current. I’m not a big fan of brute 2000+ lumens. A well distributed 1000 lumens (purpose specific) is more than enough for outdoor uses while 300ish lumens is the most useful max for daily uses… Wondering how efficient this boost driver really is. Let’s hope it’s higher than 88%

- Clemence

My testing has showed over 90% efficiency for the stock levels, starts to drop off as more current is demanded with a resistor mod though. Check out the numbers here.

Very nice! The stock level is more than enough for my liking. Too bad it cannot drive more than 7V reliably. This is a better option than the expensive Taskled Luxdrive for 6V LED applications.

- Clemence

Well at some point I want to pull the inductor and try to reverse engineer the board. If it is indeed the TPS61088 we should be able to bump the output up to 9V+ for a triple.

That said, even stock it is a fantastic driver for 6V LEDs, especially for the price.

I will probably get either this KF8 host or the 26650 K5 host.

Still comparing….The K5 has better runtime but the strike bezel won’t be good for my jacket pocket. The KF8 SS bezel is also stronger.

Has anyone got a reading for candela for these?

Being an XHP50.2, smallish sized and orange peel reflector, the number won’t be spectacular. This is an all around general use FL I guess. But very potential for some eco builds

Agree clemence - just nice to have an idea of the throw. I use my c8 and maxtoch 2X hunting and this would fill a gap for a general torch that if able could be used for some short range work

Would it be 30kcd?

Let’s wait for Djozz test in Monday :partying_face:

…throw measurement added to list :slight_smile:

Which list BTW? Couldn’t find it

Would be better if KD puts an XHP70 in this KF8. With resistor mod you will have 3000 lumens pocketable light!

Djozz are you able to test with another battery? Like a panasonic ncr, for lumen/kcd/run time?

This torch appears to be much better than most lights - 2k lumens without step down, 40min run times and only a 1x18650. On performance it beats blf models, convoy models, it seems only the higher end options can perform better.

Any reason why? Or just classic blf - high performance low price

Do you guys know about any alternative flashlight in 1x18650 XHP50.2 configuration? This one was sold out pretty quickly and from a different thread (KD insider?) I understood it is unlikely it will be available soon again.

Anything with good heatsinking and the ability to take a 20mm driver could be converted to XHP50.2 using the H1-A boost driver from KD.

Thank you, feel myself rather kind of newbie (my 1st post here) and would preffer already factory made flashlight if such any exists. Am OK with the conversion too - any tips for a host with good heatsink and 20mm driver would be highly appreciated :slight_smile: