Kdlitker c8.2 opinions

I was thinking about building a convoy c8 until i came across this. If anybody has an opinion or hands on review of this i would like to hear it.

I don’t have one but from the reviews I have seen it is a decent light. Personally I don’t like the laser etching on the body, I find the Convoy to look much cleaner. You could build an XHP50.2 C8 using a convoy host. Either right now using the H1-A driver and some rework of the driver pocket, or just plug and play when Richard releases his MTN Electronics 17mm boost driver.

Personally I like the XHP50.2 in an OP C8 reflector (I built one in a Convoy host with H1-A driver). You give up some throw, but get a more balanced beam profile which is a better general purpose flashlight IMHO.

giorgoskok is working on a review, I you are in to DIY the Thorefire C8s has room a 19.6mm driver so the H1-A driver just need a bit of filing

C8S XHP50.2 3A

From this post

Review with my opinion will be posted this weekend ! Thanks khas !

It’s an OK light, but then again, I am relatively new to flashlight so I lack experience to be able to make that judgement. It is definitely not 2600 lumens as specified. Also, I chose the 3 mode version, but I have to literally click 3 times to change to the next mode. It doesnt bother me much because I only, and will only use it on High so the mode memory take care of that. Also, there was some flickering of the light last night. I thought maybe it was the battery, but it was about 75% full so not sure what happened there. Overall a solid light, but I’d rather just get the Utorch ut02 (usually on sale for 29.99) then this light for 28-29$. I’ll try and post some beamshot comparisons between the c8.2 and my utorch ut02.

I order and paid for my on Jun 23, and still it is not shipped, so if you want it be ready for long waiting untill it come to your place.