Keeppower 18650 3600 protected best price?

Hi guys, where can i get this bad boys, and which shop offer the best price? any discount codes? thanks.

Edit: Please some mod move this to battery sub forum….i made a mistake posting in wrong section, sorry and thanks.

Bumpy :slight_smile:

Didnt know they made 3600 cells. If you know where they are available and REAL then tell us. If not they are fake

Not fake…

IIRC the tests done on these, showed them to be very very marginally better vs the 3400mAh cells, and at low draw.

I click link but its no good. bad link?

Just not much better than the 3400 cell.

They got better discharge rate and keep volts more stable, lower resistance as well?

7.8A vs 11.4A?

Here is working link

Anyone can help me about this? :frowning:

I haven't seen them for sale yet.

Thanks anyway…

The only source I have seen is Orbtronic, but not cheap.

Damn, i guess ill wait.