Keeppower 26650 capacity?

I recently received my Keeppower 26650 batteries and immediately did Normal Test on Lii-500 but the results were much lower than the rated spec… is the below result normal or I got fake KP batteries?

KP 26650 5200mAh protected = 4529mAh - 4722mAh (out of 6 batteries)
KP 26650 5200mAh IMR = 4116mAh - 4132mAh (out of 4 batteries)

where did you get them?
do your other batteries test as expected?

I got them from AE.

Keeppower 14500 840mAh = 830-852mAh (4 pcs)
Keeppower 18650 3500mAh = 3300-3500mAh (around 6 pcs)

Did you discharge them to 2.5v when testing.

4.2 volts full charged voltage and 2.5 volts discharge cut off voltage.

From here

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I believe the Lii-500 stops at 2.8v but based on my observation when I did the tests, I doubt if 2.8v to 2.5v will yield more than 100mAh. Thanks for the input though…

Anyone would like to share their x capacity from y brand? Just curious how under capacity my KP’s are…

Hmm I have the idea the Liitokalas show a rather high mAh so when it gives you such a low value I would worry too.
How do the cells look and what do they weigh?

Was hoping it was only the Lii-500 that’s misreading the capacity but the result was very close if the same on my other Lii-500 charger.
Weighed the batts and got this
KP 26650 5200mAh Protected: 96.1g
KP 26650 5200mAh IMR: 88.5g

I have a pair of KP 26650 IMR 5200mah cells (these are the ones with silver label these & not the newer shorter version recommended for the L6).
Mine weigh 94g &95g each & iirc when I first got them I got about 4,800-4,900mah when tested with the “NOR” test on one of my Lii-500”s.

Cycle them 2-3 more times sometimes they need to be woken up a little bit even though they say lithium doesn’t need it. I’ve found that some cells do need to be cycled and go up in capacity. Sometimes a couple hundred mah. I use a opus to run my test on. But have seen on multiple cells lithium and nihm the 3rd-4th cycle is the highest the cell will test

I will say the 5200 mah evvas from mtn are spot on. Those are available non or protected The thorfire 26650 were spot on and the liito Kala 50A all tested above rated capacity down to 2.8

I do not have any KeepPower cells. But I do have Lii 500 chargers.

It has been my experience the Lii 500’s show very realistic discharge capacity measurements.

The Opus BT C3100 v2.2 is the charger that shows very “optimistic” capacity measurements.

To be more direct, the Opus reads 8 - 10% to high when measuring capacity as a general rule.

HKJ’s reviews will verify what I have said above if there are “doubters in the house”.

Tried few more cycles and here’s the result. Still 1000mAh below the advertised capacity.

Protected 5200mAh
4529 1st cycle
4654 2nd cycle
4511 3rd cycle
4520 4th cycle

IMR 5200mAh
4132 1st cycle
4202 2nd cycle
4257 3rd cycle
4232 4th cycle

I wonder why very few people commented regarding KP 26650 capacity… is KP less favorable nowadays?

I exchanged my Opus 2.2 and got another one. I guess I got lucky because my second one is much more accurate. I tested 4 x 30Q FT and 4 X 30Q BT and the FT were 1.5% higher than HKJ’S number @1amp and the BT was only 0.9% higher than HKJ.

The others I have tested are also much better than the one I exchanged!

If your interested you can see the results in the thread below. I do not feel like posting all the pics and data again!

Thank you, I checked that out…. good info too. :THUMBS-UP:
I think you posted some of it HERE too before a certain person showed up……. :wink:
Very good info. Maybe…. …. they fixed it. ???

My first one was in that 5% to 10% off range with a few exceptions that were very close.

I do not think Opus fixed anything because this is the same model.I guess I just got a more consistent one. Every test I did/redid was closer to specs and HJK than my original one.

OK, that makes sense. Mine is pretty far off too, like your “old” one was.

:slight_smile: Hmmmmm…… I’ll just leave this alone. :wink:

The BT-C3100 inaccuracy is possibly impacted by its power supply's inability to keep the input voltage completely stable. If you go check HKJ's reviews of it (3 available: v1, v2.0 & v2.1) you'll find references to this issue. It's a botchy PWM design which would probably work better with a 10A supply, imho.

Cheers ^:)

Here we go again!! NOT TRUE. I knew of the 5% to 10% innaccuracy BEFORE I bought it and before you came into the picture!! :wink:

Thank you!!! :THUMBS-UP:
Of course you did…… it is/was common knowledge. :slight_smile:

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