Keeppower 3600 mAh 18650

I just came across this. Anyone got more info?

That’s very interesting. Keeppower isn’t known for lying about capacities, so if this means a new Panasonic cell… that’d be great news.

Edit: Ukrainian flashlight store says it uses Panasonic NCR18650G cell.
Only mention I could find of it:
“Min. 3500 mAh
Nom. 3600 mAh
Charge voltage(V) - 4.2V+0.05V
Standard Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2,5V
Standard Discharge current 700mA”

Just sent a request in for a data sheet, price and availability. Should know something later tonight/tomorrow morning.


Well, didn’t HKJ test the Panasonic 3400’s as only doing 3100mAh? So these will be what…3300mAh?

That depends on current and I have never tested a 2900/3100/3400 to fully discharged, I always stops at 2.8V (The cells are rated down to 2.5 volt).

3325 mAh for the Sibeille one, for example. It’s not as bad as you think :wink:

You discharge the cells further than most drivers will allow a cell to discharge. For most intentions and purposes, the Panasonic NCR18650B is a 3100mAh cell. I bet the protection circuit kicks-in around 2.8v as well.

I do not often check the protection, but a charger with usb output i tested, did miss the low voltage disconnect and there it is very obvious that the protection is at 2.5 volt.

That's true as far as using a cell one time goes. Isn't it less stressful on a battery when it's not fully discharged? In that case, leaving 300 mAh in it should help it live longer.

I am interested in seeing the price, when it will be available and what the actual Mah are after being tested! :wink:

Any durable and reliable 18650 can can improve my run time on my TK-75, BST, ect. would be welcome! :bigsmile:

The battery kit[ext.] for my TK-75 almost triples[1h 02min/2h 54min.!!] my TURBO run time but is obviously more bulky!

3600mAh/3400mAh=1.0588, so that’s less than 6% difference.Good to see improvement,but until price drops to 8$/piece,good old ncrbs and lgs 3000 are good enough(for me).

Yup, I noticed this as well. The time with one added battery pack more than doubles run time. I still carry it with only one battery pack for the smaller size though.

I only used the extension Twice!! I will be using it more in the winter. The Husky will want to take longer hikes!

I do question myself! I bought Eight[8] brand new 18650 Four months ago and like I said only used it Twice.

There was no way I would mix Four, 7 to 8 month old 18650’s with Four new ones!

This is preferable, but even with my relatively large set of batteries (~30 keeppower 3400mAh cells, ~30 other mixed protected batteries, ~10 high drain unprotected, ~10 random, 20 laptop pulls) setting 8 batteries to be used specifically together, and only with one light, is kind of a hassle.

Given the safer chemistry of the batteries, and the protection circuits, I don't feel I'm compromising safety too much, in simply making sure that cells go into the light within .05v of each other, and I also almost never run my flashlights down to even 3v.

I will keep that in mind[0.05V of each other]if I ever mix some. Mine are always between 3.5v and 3.6v when I recharge them.For all my torches.

After 62 minutes of turbo my Orbtronic are always between 3.54 and 3.56!! That is until the batteries get weaker. this is after 10 months of use!! Not too bad!

You have more batteries than me!! The eight for the Fenix TK-75 are stored in the plastic cases “Orbtronic” gave me so there is no chance of mixing them up!

I want to make this clear!! The Eight batteries[ in storage] that I bought are NCR Protected 3400 Mah,they were $10/each. The Orbtronic are in the TK-75 NOW and they are about $19 each!! I am not that crazy as to store $152 of batteries that have mostly sat around! $80 is bad enough!

I store them at 3.61v,the same voltage the manufacturer had them when I got them. I checked them the other day and they were at 3.59!! Not too bad , lost 0.02v in about 2.5 months!

Actually, I'll probably catch some flack for this, but I tend to store my batteries charged, more often than not, and at room temperature.

It's definitely counter to safe practices, but in the event I need a battery I want it to be as close to topped of as possible.

The .05V is just something I go by. If I put in 4 batteries, and of them one comes out with a difference of over .2 vs the others, it's also leaving the batch to be used in single cell lights only.

One other detail, is I don't use any cheap chargers anymore. I think it's very strange that there are people on here that spend $15+ on a single battery, but than will use a free, or super cheap charger with it.

So far I've yet to come across a situation where a crappy battery, crappy charger, or both were on involved in a incident.

Maybe someone more battery minded has come across issues with panasonic batteries?

I will try to be succinct so this doesn’t stretch out to far!

I only use genuine Panasonic cells. I started out with junk chargers and recycled junk batteries because I did not know any better!

I have Three[3] Nitecore I4 chargers. Might not be the best but are working well so far!

Same here. An uncharged battery is the same as no battery. I want mine charged in case of emergency.

I tend to store most of mine at about 3.8v (still a lot of juice) with only 1-2 cells stored at full charge. I live in a city and most of my lights are for fun. Rarely do I NEED a light and when I do, it is for short periods of time.

I’d be interested in the discharge curves. Maybe they can hold voltages better than the current 3400s and would be more ideal for XM-L2 with a linear driver.

I charge my cells to about 4-4.1V for storage. Thats a charging state of ~90%, so almost full runtime but a lot less stress on the cells.