Keith Flint (The Prodigy) - 1969 - 2019

Death by suicide at the weekend. 49.

Probably not a lot of Prodigy fans here, unless you were a mad lad in the 90's but you might recognize some of their song titles I've used to compose this wee eulogy story.

Keith Flint, it was Ruff in the Jungle to Run with the Wolves with Piranha Omen Thunder Colours through the Mindfields, you were a Prodigy, a No Good FireStarter No Man Army Serial Thrilla who came Into the Shadow, Out of Space with Everybody in the Place - the Voodoo People to Wind It Up - The Heat The Energy on the Hyperspeed Speedway under Full Throttle Diesel Power smashing Roadblox, dropping Rhythm Bombs where Narayan Music Reach Skylined.
Day Is My Enemy too in Jericho with the Wall of Death and land of the Invisible Sun.

There was always the Get Your Fight On Stand Up Funky Sht Hot Ride Girls & More Girls, the Spitfire Rebel Radio Memphis Bells on the Action Radar and Smack my Btch Up Poison Medicine, Nasty 3 Kilos worth of AWOL Break & Enter, The Way It Is until you Shoot Down, found Medusa's Path then it was Your Love, Fuel in my Fire One Love that led you to the Phoenix, a Wake Up Call that let you Climbatize to the Fighter Beat but Baby's Got a Temper and you couldn't Breathe under Their Law, the Claustrophobic Sting or Weather Experience so you hit the Wild Frontier, the Rise of the Eagles, danced the Warriors Dance to the Death of the Prodigy Dancers.

Thanks for the music :THUMBS-UP:

Had a great gig with them here in Portugal back in 2014!! They still are one of my fav bands in the genre, and I hear Prodigy a lot, gives me the boost for a day and releases my mind in the end of it!
Sad day to the music world :frowning:

Really sad.
Seen them live a few times, always a great party.

Great music, the fat of the land will be a classic album for long.

Sad News Mate, CRX.
Firestarter got me through the 90’s…

One another great music man is gone.


RIP! I almost every day listen some Prodigy music. I have always some in my playlist.

Sad news….I really liked them as well.

Great now I’m sad… time to educate my coworkers with some nasty songs :smiling_imp:

Sad to hear about this RIP! Prodigy was a band like Korn they changed the scene and introduced new elements together made there own style.

I use to listen to the Xtreme games cds with prodigy or watch rage late at night. I was probably to young for it so blame my older brother lol.

Sad to hear. Saw news on TMZ. I recall back when I was djing The Prodigy vinyl. Some of us old school guys remember ” RAVES ” ? I had so much 12 inch vinyl of this group that is still in my record collection.

I grew up with The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. Very sad news.

For the Last years we lost so many musical mohicans… Strange. And iam afraid there are no replacements for them… Or iam too old… Shocking is how many of them committed to suicide… And this one also… What was wrong with hi. WHO knows?

Such a shame, same age as me! One of my favorite bands, rally loved their early Rave sounds, and liked how they matured and crafted the band.
I’ve read some great stories about what a nice chap he was. Everyone who had come in contact with him has said what a easy going and friendly guy he was.

oh no…

Soundtrack of the 90s.