Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife Sale $31 ( MADE IN THE USA ) and Up @ Amazon

This is my most favorite knife, though there are a lot of Kershaw knives that I like.

I have carried this one daily for the past couple of years and absolutely love it. I really like how slim the scale-less framelock stainless versions are, I hardly notice mine in my pocket.

I noticed the black DLC-coated version is also on sale today, down to $42. Really tempted to snag that. But do I really need the same knife in a different color (to which the answer is “of course you do!”). Any experience with DLC coated knives, RC?

I had a DLC-coated Kershaw Shallot.

I sold it because I didn't like the Shallot, but DLC-coating doesn't bother me.

My favorite color of blade is Kershaw's BlackWash.

I think it looks cool.