KEYGOS M10 26650 FLASHLIGHT-Quick and dirty review

I don't have any C8 reflectors for comparison, but just looking at pictures I'd say they are about the same. See this thread on DX They are talking about the Uniquefire UF-2180, which is basically the same as the M10 except it has a shinier finish. Someone states that this light uses the C8 reflector. I'll pull mine apart mine later and try and get some semi accurate measurements of the reflector.

I came so close to getting this light after reading this review. Then I figured I don't really need to invest in another battery type yet (but it takes 18650's!). So I held off. Don't know how much longer I can last.

I also found out this in my Stainless Steel host. Its reflector is similar to a C8. Also my Shadow TC6 uses the same kind of reflector. But, my Shadow lights have a very nice beam while my self built C8 XML lights never could match one exactly. Then, I played a bit with my P60 dropins. You can't believe how much a piece of paper under the reflector can change the beam type. If you manage to level the emitter right you can get a good thrower or a pure flooder.

I'd love to see some pictures of what you did. Sounds like a fun experiment.

For the price you can get it at, and the versatility in battery types why hold off? Plus this format just feels better in the hand.

I agree 100% , in addition, they are only $23 a pop!!! What more could you ask for.. Good light, good review, dam good price... That is why I ordered TWO..Wink and might go for a 3rd, my helmet can use one too.. Wink

You are the man sir!!

I would almost have ordered a Trustfire A8 as my carry arround 26650 light. It offers a TF 26650 battery and a charger for $40. Does anyone have bıth A8 and Keygos M10? A8 should be a flooder I guess.

I'm with you. HD2010 quite clearly is the brightest with the tightest and very crisp hotspot. I would have mistaken it for XR-E beam if not for the blinding XM-L "effect".

I like the M10 looks much better though. And hard to ignore the price.

Can we have more quality photos of M10? :)

Insides, disassembled, pill, threads, tailcap, driver?

I'm balancing on the edge on this one ever since I got my M12, and that was weeks ago.

*mumbles off to bed toying with KE-5*

I'll try and post up some more quality pics on my next day off which will be in a few days. Some of you guys are really a hard sell, which considering the company kind of surprises me

Oh we're pretty much sold, but some of us on BLF are also "low on budget". And as such, has to be picky a bit when you can pick only one... :)

How about memory on M10? Always start on high? Sure wish it does. With multiple disco-mode, I really cannot stand having to go through disco all the time.

I totally understand about being on a budget, and it's very hard to only pick just the one. I'll try and provide any help I can so people can make an informed decision and not waste their hard earned money. This light does start on high mode every time you turn it on, provided you leave it off long enough(more than 5secs).

This light continues to be my edc at work and performs like a champ every time I turn it on. Medium mode is sufficient for most uses and people are always wowed by the size and the brightness of this light. It puts their under performing maglites to shame

Well here's some more pics of the M10 showing it almost fully dissected. A few worthy notes to mention about it are that the lens is glass. The reflector is aluminum and the o-rings as well as the tailcap do glow in the dark. Threads are quite smooth(came with minimal lube) and everything fits together quite nicely.

Now only 1 thing remains...

Do I order the whole package for $44:

- Keygos M10
- Keygos 26650 x2
- Cheap charger

or separately:

- Keygos M10 for $24


- King Kong INR 26650 x2 for $22

Or is KK ICR better?

I'm having a quadrilemma here. Quintilemma?

Is KK better sufficiently to justify not getting a charger and at the same time paying the same or greater price?

*mumbles incoherently and gets back to work*

A little sad news... they had to cancel my smiling shark order. Kind of bummed about that, but at least they gave me the option of a refund or another light. So I have another incoming. I still might want to get this light though. thanks for the pics. Looks like a solid design.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices. But, do put your order in quickly!! The WAIT TIME IS A MUTHER!! Cry

I got two of them coming, already got two Keygos 26650s ready to throw in and fire away.. Cool

Actually, I'm upset *before* the order. Once I make the order I'm cool with waiting, as long as I know it's coming. ;)

Is there something wrong with me? Anyone else?


I'm happiest when it's in my hand and I can press that magical button.

Just my $.02, Victor, but I just don't have a good feeling about those Keygos 26650 cells. Quite a few folks have the Kongs and they seem to be honestly rated. I think it's worth a few more bucks. By the way, I don't think the INR King Kongs are in stock, only ICR available.