KEYGOS M10 26650 FLASHLIGHT-Quick and dirty review

I just received this 26650 from an ebay seller for $23 shipped. Compared to my other 26650 flashlights that I have, such as the Shadow JM07 Pro and Fandyfire HD2010 I'm very pleased. It has a smooth reflector like the Fandyfire, so it has a very distinctive hotspot and throws very decently. The fins are reminiscent of the JM07 but the head is a little bigger and the overall length is a little longer as well. Fit and finish is decent with no major machining or anodising flaws. I think size wise, as well as throwiness(is this a word?) makes this my new favorite 26650 sized light. I'm still waiting on my DX JM05 clone, so we'll see how that compares with this. Did I mention this sucker is bright?

Looks good to me.

I've been eyeing that one for quite a long time now. I think I'll get it pretty soon as well.

Can you post a link to your buy?


Also, can you make some beamshots or videos with other flashlights for comparison? Can you measure the tailcap current?

Here you go

If you click on the videos and go to my youtube channel you can view other flashlights I've taken beamshots of with the same camera and settings against the same background. This kind of gives an idea of the flashlight's brightness compared to other lights. In regards to the tailcap reading unfortunately I don't have any testing equipment available at the moment.

I'm not sure how to interpret your videos. HD 2010 looks brightest of them all, or so it looks to me. ... I'm probably wrong on this one.

Can you take a few pictures of M10, JM07 and HD 2010 all pointing at the same white wall? Perhaps set your camera to manual and take a pic of each flashlight individually, pointing at the same tree?

Thanks for your effort! :D


I'll see what I can do.

Well here's my amateur beamshot comparison. Starting from the left we have a Keygos M10, Shadow JM07 Pro, and a Fandyfire HD2010.

Solid pickup!!

I am thinking about getting one too. I am finding my HD2010 is just a "tad" too big and heavy to coat-pocket carry. Although the additional mass is what makes it a great heatsink, so theres some trade-off there.

It wouldn't surprise me if these H/M/L/Disco/SOS lights all used the same driver board.

I totally agree with you on the Fandyfire. It's a great light and one I still use, but I wanted a more compact light that I could carry all the time, especially at work. I find that I like this light even better than my JM07 because I like the little bit larger reflector, which is also smooth for better throw and the extra length which fits my hand better. I also like the styling which is similar to the Shadow and I'm partial to the black over the stone white.

Ordered :)

I have a Stainless Steel 26650 light that I DIY fitted with a Neutral XML and 8x7135 driver. It is a nice combo with decent output and medium throw but you can guess how heavy it is. I have 5 26650 batteries already, so I guess I should start using them.

Could anyone have measured the tailcap currents? I don't expect to see a 8x7135 driver in it but still a driver with low voltage limit for my unprotected King Kong 26650 cells would be relieving.

Thanks for the review, biggie. Great comparison information.

Another thanks for the review.

I got two M10s ordered. I am feeling real good about this too. Wink

Thanks, biggie!

M10 is looking better and better each minute. :)

Found some alternative retailers... theres probably more too.


Easylightbuy (smiling shark)

You guys are welcome. I really enjoy being a part of this awesome community of flashlight enthusiasts who share my passion for lights and technology. I enjoy reading each and every review I come across and I try to give back when I can. Looking forward to others impressions about this cool light when they receive theirs.

OOPS!!! I just bought one too (he-he-he... evil grin). Mine is the Smiling shark version, I like the little cartoon shark character on the side... LOL

I like the shark as well. It's better than having the claim of 1600 lumens on the side

I would be curious to the size of the reflector. So far almost all "impressive " reflectors are simply C8 reflectors.