Killer Bee Killed

I was watching some guys build carpenter bee traps and thought this guy had a unique method of getting rid of bees.

Very unique indeed! Looks like he’s having fun though.

Oh how nice it must be to live far enough off the grid that random gunfire is seen as
part of life and not something that gets you in all kindsa trouble….

You don’t have to be far out the grid just out of California. Where I live if your in the county (out of city limits) you can shoot whenever as long as its not pointed at another house and further in the country where the houses are 1/4-1+ miles away no one batts a eye if you wanna unload a ak47. When I bought mine, I drove 15 mins up the road and unloaded 500 rounds through it. In about 30 mins. Not a big deal in rural america

If I hear gunshots in the middle of the night its just assumed someone’s shooting a raccoon or a possum or something. No one calls the cops and says someone’s shooting down the street. Or someone’s been drinking and wants to show off one of their guns to someone

I’ve never heard of Carpenter bees, but I hope they stay in Alabama!

We have them here on Long Island. I never had any real problems with them, but my neighbor’s deck had to be rebuilt due to damage caused by them.

Kill or BEE Killed !

Don’t they have fly spray down in the south there ?

I guess the gun is more fun and you can always use it on that banjo player if you really had to

Hot Dayum that looks like fun! :smiley:

Feh. I used to go after carpenter bees Ted Nugent style… with a bow’n’arrow.

Don’t they refuel on sugar-water and the like? Was thinking about those yellowjacket traps. Can make ’em with 2L sody-pop bottles for cheap. Let it sit, and let it collect dozens of ’em per day. They go in but don’t come out.

Here, go crazy… :smiley:

Should be adaptable to these beasties.

Was thinking the same thing.

Besides, banjo’s boring. Everyone knows it needs more cowbell…

I was expecting to see him put a hole in his Tin Roof—- not just mess up his post —- if you stop up the holes in the wood it traps them

You don’t even need to be out of California. I used to go to the desert a lot and there’s lots of stuff out in BFE which is plenty shot up. For example, I once drove past an abandoned boat in the middle of the desert with literally hundreds of bullet holes in it. Not exactly legal but no one cares out there either.

A boat in the desert? Holy Cats…

Either that’s one of the opening scenes from CE3K, or maybe it was the SS Noah…

I used to shoot them with CCI shot shell when we lived in Virginia. Cedar sided house. I’d kill 60 or 70 at a time with a rifle. Tighter group for longer distance. I don’t think they are a native species to the US, possibly introduced from wooden crates brought in from India or somewhere. They sure are destructive though

more fun to get them with a mini drone.
its just messy.
yes they will go after a drone.
the ones you see are males.drones if you will.
its rather ironic to kill drones with drones.
you should see all the flying chunks!

We have lots of those Carpenter bees as well. Bumblebees look similar but you can tell a carpenter bee because they have a white spot on the front of their head. They will seriously tear up a patio or anything else made with wood. Carpenter bees are gentle though, and don’t sting like the bumblebees.

That CCI ratshot he’s using is too expensive for hunting bees though…

Yeah, the badminton racket he’d been using would be a lot cheaper, but I’m sure the pistol was more fun.

Definitely a lot more fun. I used to buy them by the case, which worked out to about 4 dollars for a pack of 20. Here’s what they look like, if anyone was wondering.

They™ sell those electronical racquets that zap bugs when you whack ’em.

I fry the crap outta mosquitoes and watch ’em sizzle and pop. Great fun…

They’ll stun flies long enough to smoosh ’em or do whatever to ’em.

Yellowjackets, you’re often warned it might take more than one whack to get ’em (likely resulting in a pist-off yellowjacket… great).

Dunno. Outside, bugspray just seems more efficient. <shrug/>

I didn’t know something like that existed, but I found one at Amazon for $20. Anytime I have the chance to make a bug sizzle and pop, I’m in!