King Kong ICR 26650 3.7V 4200mAh Li-on Unprotected Battery In stock

Hi Guys ,

First batch of King Kong 26650 3.7V 4200mAh Battery arrived in storage for sale now.

Purchase link:



Capacity:>= 4200mAh


Charge current:<=1a。

Weight:95 g

100% Genuine Brand New King kong cell.


No raised-top available for this?

Nice @4200 - I'd like to order a couple, but not sure if flat top or raised top? I can't tell from the listing. Also, right now looks like is down - I'd rather buy from there - is it available there as well?

Are these KING KONGs really that good? Is there any feedback/reviews on these anywhere? I’d appreciate some input from users. If not kingkongs, then which ones? Thanks in advance.

The 4,000 ICR KK's I got from KumaBear are excellent! I'm getting good #'s, make that great #'s in a HD 2010 with an XM-L2 U2/SinkPAD. I would think the 4200's are same or better and higher capacity, but haven't seen any reviews yet.

Best? That's pretty subjective. Best in lowest resistance, or best in capacity, or best in high amp output, etc... Lately, I'm in a never ending search for lowest resistance, assuming the lower the resistance is, the better the battery will perform with an emitter mounted on a SinkPAD (the traditional high qual batteries like the Panasonic 3400 unprotected can't produce the amps). Of course no battery is spec's by it's internal resistance, making the search difficult at best...

I've been looking at AW IMR's, but trade-off is lower capacity and more expensive. However there a few new kids on the block that seem to be de-throning the AW's from EFEST, Sanyo, and Panasonic, so the waters are getting muddy.

Thanks Tom. This is the kind of feedback that I was looking for. I checked the ad for those 4200 mAh king kongs and those are unprotected. I think that Kuma sells the protected ones but I can’t seem to get a response from him.

Bob, aka KumaBear, is recovering, resting now and should be back online soon - that's all the info I know, not sure what he is recovering from but sounds like a hospital stay. I know he's been unavailable for a few weeks now.

Actually KumaBear has some of the best quality batteries for the price. The DLG's in the smaller sizes (10440, 14500, etc.) are excellent, the KK's he sells are also excellent - he sells only ICR, no INR, and ICR's are far better - I know -- I got both and can see/measure the difference! The Panasonic unprotected are really nice, and the KeepPower protected based on Panasonic cells are one of the best low resistance protection circuit around. He also has the MNKE IMR which I don't have, but are also excellent. With the high quality batteries, main thing to worry about is using them in "direct drive" lights, because the amps will go through the roof. For example, never use a KK or MNKE IMR in a stock HD 2010 - it will blow something out in minutes, maybe seconds. I am using a KK unprotected in my HD 2010, but I have a nice regulated driver in it that keeps the amps at or under 4 amps or so.

More I think about it though, I'd love to order some of these KK 4200's from RIC - RIC also has an excellent price on them. Many of the new cells, besides boosting mah, improve on the design as well, further lowering resistance, etc., so I would expect these 4200's to be a step up. If you look through RIC's CNQ site, you'll find the Panasonics and KeepPowers. Also the Sanyo 2600's have gotten good write-ups. I also use Samsung 2800 and 3000's. I always use unprotected in single cell lights, protected in serial configured multi-cell lights. I've been staying away from xxxFire batteries - only exception is TrustFire 26650 5000mah protected (tested to under 4000 though) - I've bought a few for use in my J18 (7 emitter) mod'ed light, uses 3 26650's.

Again Tom, I appreciate this info as I am new to what has become my newest hobby…flashlight collecting(?).

There is a test from HKJ, but the two tested batteries were very inconsistent…so I don’t now how these are…?

The price is nice, the protected cells cost 9.5$. But there is no test of the protected, for my 9xt6 I need cells which are protected and able to deliver 9A.

HKJ has reviewed the KingKong 4000MaH:

Keeppower 26650:

Trustfire 26650:


Ordered 2 of these 4200's from RIC, plus some XM-L2's and a few other items. Thanks RIC!

Werner, if YOU need protected 26650 cells why not look at enerpower? I know shipping is expensive for US customers but you like me are in the eu. Enerpower is based in berlin.

Myself, I like my king kong inr cells, just not keen on running them multi cell. I will likely pick some of these up from ric soon for single cell applications.

I am looking, but they are 3 or 4 times the price of these…

Its hard to justify that price any way you look at it. Lets hope these new 4200’s perform to spec.

Got the order w/the 4200's. Will charge them up, do an HD2010 test with them to compare how they match up to the KK 4000's.

i anxiously await your results

As far as resistance, I'm assuming the 4200's perform the same as the 4000's - I didn't see any difference in the HD 2010 w/XM-L2 U2 and SinkPAD. Measured 3.97A even though it's a KD V2 set for 4.18A. Still need a better performing 26650 battery for the HD 2010...