Kingston 4.5V CREE LED 3-Mode 180Lumens Waterproof Headlamp - 8$ after coupon

$ 9.39 - sale price

under $8 after 15% discount with coupon code SALE15OFF

The discount code will expire very soon ...

I just received this headlamp bought from ebay:

Build quality is not very good but the led is pretty bright and is zoomable.

I ordered one Kingston from DD for 8 bucks. Looks different from the one I got from ebay. Will see more when it will arrive.

The battery holder is different.

It`s a Kingston. Should be outstanding.


I think they are same dogs with different collars, that is to say, it is been manufactured with just different straps and battery holsters, choose the battery configuration you like most, being the 18650 the one will have more runtime, and if you preffer the AA/14500 will be the middle step and the 3 AAA the one with least runtime.

*The AA/14500 is the one is a different entire headlamp, the others are the same in my opinion,ypu can see it on this link:

They will be close, AAAs are more or less up to 800maH (eneloops 2nd gen) depending the brand and AAs up to 2500-2700mAh (sanyo XX eneloops and sony) depending the brand too, this makes 800*3= 2400@1.2V VS 2500-2700@1.2V.

And the extra possibility of using 14500 which is not a bad thing having a smaller package than with 3 AAAs.

It is good to hear you had already the AA/14500, I also bought it at ebay through Buyincoins.

My idea is to put a third strap over my head as the ones with the battery in the back to balance it a bit better,

and I will probably change the the led, and I might check the way to use it with a 18650 extension on the back.

One "problem" I've seen on some DX reviews about this light, is that in flood mode it does not cover a big area, the led is too distant to the lens, I will check about it in case it could be improved as I do not need a big throw for a headlamp.

My idea when I bought it was essentially due to there is no hinge to break, there is a full metal body that should not have heat problems with a bit of DIY, and it could be used for other purposes than headlamp as it removed from its holder.

My ebay HL is not very floody too. But throws pretty good.

Anybody can tell the difference between a Q3 and a Q5 led? Mine is a 3-stripe square shape and it is supposed to be a Q5.

Q3 and Q5 is the bin of the led, and the bin is like saying the version of it, where the highest the more lumens per watt you can get.

If yours is three strips it could be a XP-E or a XR-E led, you can check how good they are in this link:

Ok, I know now for sure it is not very floody, I think it will be easy to modify in case you prefer it floodier, one possibility is adding material under the led to have it closer to the lens, or packing the lens to be closer to the led, and also replacing the led for another one with a bigger angle such as XP-G or an XM-L.