Klarus CL1 Blueooth Speaker Lantern Powerbank

Klarus CL1 Blueooth Speaker Lantern Powerbank

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Can we call this a smart lantern?
Wonderful neutral HCRI tint
Heft and build shows great quality and attention to detail
Speaker sound awesome/loud and bluetooth connect fast!
6600mAh Powerbank should charge most phone twice

$60 is a great price IMO

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Hey Vin. Great review. Nice lantern …. all it needs is a speaker phone feature and it would be a home run.

Hmmmm Let me try that. Might not have a built in mic but we can use our phone mic.

Just tried it. Speaker phone function does not work.

Have you done any testing on the battery life, 50 hours for a speaker that size is pretty impressive. Most of my BT speakers the battery life is about half what manufacture states if you read the fine print it will say at medium volume. Kind of like flashlight rating of turbo is 1600LM but only for 3 minutes.

What kind of battery is it using and is it easily replaceable?