Klarus G15

I didn't even realized I ordered this light from BatteryJunction during BF and was surprised when I received it. The light does look good and very compact like an 18650 light. Output is good but you get the typical XHP50.2 corona and tint shift. Here are my measurements using the Texas Ace lumen tube calibrated with Maukka lights. Readings taken at 2 seconds.

Turbo 4052 lumens 6062K DUV -0.0016 CRI 75.4 R9 -8 R12 47.4 Rf 71 Rg 96
Top of Ramp 2138 lumens 5813K DUV 0.0008 CRI 74.7 R9 -14.2 R12 44.1 Rf 71 Rg 96
2nd highest 528 lumens 5740K DUV 0.0029 CRI 75.3 R9 -16.3 R12 42.1 Rf 72 Rg 94

It's the brightest single cell rechargeable XHP70.2 I've tested yet but it starts to ramp down at about 5-7seconds, which is reasonable given the small mass. I just wish it had USB-C instead of micro USB. There is a separate ground wire next to the mcpcb. Not sure what that is for. Voltage across the + and - leads is about 6V.