Klarus st10 vs Klarus st15

Im new to this LED light…

Would like to know if someone can enlighten me on Klarus st10 & Klarus st15.
Any difference from both of them?
Both seems like the same thing to me.

Im planning to use it on camping, dark site & also maybe astrography.
Would prefer a rechargeable via USB, bright, wide & far.
Is this Klarus brand good?
Or does anyone has something similiar to recommend?
I heard nitecore is good but it seems expensive…

Thanks all for your suggestion.
Thank you…

Hi Laharl,

I don’t have any direct experience with any Klarus light. I’ve looked at the two models you mentioned and I can tell you this much,

They use different LED’s. The 15 uses an XPL-HI, the 10 an XM-L2-U2. Both are good but I believe the XPL is newer and more efficient.
The 10 has a side switch, the 15 a tail switch and a side switch. Tail switch, on and off - side switch to change modes
The 10 is USB rechargeable directly through the flashlight, the 15 is not.
The 15 is slightly bigger, longer with a little bit larger diameter head
I think the 15 will have a tighter hot spot and throw a bit further, but I’d watch some review vids on both, You Tube or similar will have a few on each light and you’ll get a look at both lights.

I am sure there are a few more differences I didn’t notice.

Both seem like good lights especially for the price. I don’t think I would EDC either, but if I had to pick one it would be the 10 for the smaller size and the USB recharging. Would be nice to be able to charge on the go in the car. If I was looking for a Tac light to carry in/on a bag, or on my belt in a holster, I would go with the 15.

Not sure of your budget, but I think the XT C2R is a nice light.

Lots of people like Klarus lights.