Klarus XT12GT vs XT11X or Another Flashlight Advice

Hello dear budgetlightforum member.
I searching a flashlight. I will using in cycling, camping and in normal life. I have 70$ money. But I dont know which flashlight is better for me. Can you help me? Which is one the better? Klarus XT12GT or XT11X. Or you can advice another good flashlight. But important in the turbo mode working time. Sorry for my English level:) I’m waiting your helpfull. Thank you

try klarus xt12s with magnetic charging port. more meter distance of light beam.

I have the Klarus XT2gt and the Fitorch MR26. Both are fine lights with very similar controls and both have on-board charging. Both come with a nice cell suite well to the light.
The klarus has a magnetic charger which eliminates the rubber boot and keeps it waterproof longer.
The Fitoch can be had for $46 with a coupon from Fin17. It’s an excellent value!!

Both would serve you well

I also have the Klarus XT12S. It’s the light I use the carry the most. I gave my father in law the Klarus XT12GT and I still like the XT12S better. It’s shorter by one inch, easier to pocket and EDC. Turbo is easy to use and the UI is simple.
I Like the magnetic charging port. I also have Acebeams but don’t care for the rubber boot covers to charge the usb.