*Knife* anyone have one of these?

Id like to know if it's worth the asking price. Seems axis lock type too.


Yup, I've got that one and I think it's worth it. It's got a massive 5mm thick blade and feels very solid. The steel is probably standard chinese though.

DX carries it, too, and there are some reviews. Some people there seem to have received units that needed some fixing, mine came without a flaw though (from PA).

That does look interesting. I have had one Shrade since they sold out and the steel didn't seem too bad.

Sure sounds like a big one based on the measurements.

axis lock yes?

I have only old Schrades when they were built like tanks so I cant compare. The model you're interested in is a Schrade extreme survival f24. I dont see how you could possibly go wrong for the delivered price.


I just checked it, blade thickness is 4mm (not 5mm).

Yes, axis lock, smoothly working, too.


Ill let you all know in 2 weeks or so. :)

It's just a clone like the cheap Gerbers etc?

Yes and no. Schrade has no knife exactly like the one PA and DX sell in their lineup (or, well, to be more precise, that was the case when I last checked in late 2009, when DX originally started selling them). It is does, however, bear a striking resemblance to the Benchmade Barrage. ;)

Overall, it's a pretty nice knife. Heavy, yes, but I like that. I haven't use any of mine in a quite a while but I don't recall having any issues when I did, other than it being less than grippy when wet, especially with gloves on.