Kobalt LED Handheld Flashlight

Anyone pick up one of these from Lowes? In my area they are $9. I think I'll pick one up today and see what it's like.


Hadn’t seen them but it reminds me of the snake light. I remember people would take the original snake light apart to use the bendy part as preformed K-baffles for .22LR suppressors so B&D quickly changed to plastic parts lol.

LOL, they were $20 around Christmas. Hadn’t seen them @ my local Lowes’ since after Christmas.

I got 3 yesterday. Had to get some other stuff and had coupons to make it even cheaper. I’ll keep one and use the other 2 as gifts. It’s not bad. Appears to be a really bad tint XP-E. Really blue light. Nice focus system though. Battery is one 2200mAh 18650…can’t tell what kind…probably generic. Built in charging circuitry. Trying to figure out how to change the LED…might be a nice light after that :)…worth $7 just for a mod challenge or to have laying around as a handy light source when modding real lights…

I got one last christmas. Not too bad, I use it for work. I re flowed an xpg onto the stock star. I checked the battery and it’s a samsung. On sale for 7 dollars at my lowes.

This might be good to remember if you get into a tight spot while out of town and don’t have an extra battery or charger on hand. I think we all know how hard it is to find an 18650 battery locally.
Heck the Samsung alone is worth the $7.
Let me ask a question to those who own it already… Is that a zooming lens? It doesn’t say and it’s really not evident in the picture.
Either way I will have to pick one up next trip in to town.

How exactly did you get to the star?

The top bezel is screwed on. Its held in place with glue so you have to use a little force to get it off. Under that is a weird retaining ring you have to remove to get the focusing mechanism out with star attached. The samsung battery is not loose. You have to disassemble the battery housing to get to it and the battery is soldered to the charging circuit.