Koolertron 2014 Christmas Giveaway(12/24/2014)

Christmas is around the corner and Koolertron is here to spread the holiday cheer!This giveaway is sponsored by both KoolerBuy and Koolertron.There are TWO winners at the end of this giveaway.Each winner can receive only One prize in this giveaway + Free shipping/delivery. The 1200 Lumens XM-L T6 LED Bicycle Headlight(BO-LAMP08) is one of our Prize,maybe you’ll like it!

More Detail please see here!


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  4. Don’t forget to tell your friends!
    Choose your own prize,we’ll choose TWO winners from among participants,good luck!
    Giveaway Ends: Dec 24, 2014
    Good luck!

koolertron ; You have this giveaway posted here on

the BLF since Dec 8 , 2014. That’s 10 days with no

posted replies or questions. Why is there no one

interested in your giveaway ? The answer to that ?

Might be—(1) The prizes aren’t that good—-(2) You

want people to do too much work to qualify to win !

Been posted too long ,with NO replies. My reply is

your only reply and it’s not the type of reply you want.

Something’s wrong & more could be wrong . :weary: :Sp

Just a thought for you. :expressionless:

What the heck….FB page liked.

I’m in and let’s see what happens on the 24th….Merry Christmas to all anyway!

I don't have a facebook account and don't want to have a facebook account.

Still nice of you to do a giveaway ...why not just give it away ?

How can someone say they like something that they don't own and have no experience with ?

seems like a lie .


Neither have I…used daughter’s account…

I have a fb account but not gonna give out any likes for a free flashlight.

Thanks for your advice and your comment,I’ll pay attention to these issues next time,have a nice day!

Merry Christmas, good luck!

If you don’t have a facebook account, you can use twitter or google+,It’s just let more people know our giveaway and our new giveaway that why want you can like our facebook.About selecting their favorite products, we want to know the preferences of everyone so that we can do better in the next giveaway!Anyway, I have to thank you for giving us valuable suggestions,and please believe me ,that our giveaway not a lie!
Have a nice day!


@tatasal: congrats, if you can hold on to your lonely position for five more days. :santa:

Wish me the best, my friend…haha

I am in. Left a comment on your page. I will tell my friends if I won ;P

Here is a quick teardown of that cheap bikelight, it’s horrible, so don’t expect much of it.

these types of giveaways are not worth the hassle and are annoying.


True, i can pick junk at the local junkyard :smiley:

Too much hassle to do it.


The 1200 Lumens XM-L T6 LED Bicycle Headlight(BO-LAMP08) is very nice. Would make a great Christmas gift.

Liked Koolertron on my FB page the day I posted this.

i commented there…