Koppo Lanyard, pics on AA lights

I saw the Koppo Lanyard video below and initially tried it with some CC tether cord. It is such a simple knot that provides grip, a wrist loop, tether to leave hanging out of the pocket, and you can use the loop to attach to your fingers for hands free use. It also keeps the light from rolling off the table and does not interfere with tailstanding.

Anyhow, I thought I would throw something together to share.

Edit, sorry, having issues getting the pics to work.





Excellent .

Thanks for sharing that . that is pretty neat and simple.

Something simple I can actually do. Thanx.


Related to this.


I'll have to play with the picture thing later. It acted like it was going to work fine and then nothing showed up.

Here's my first ever paracord lanyard

Nice, it's pretty useful isn't it ;)

Yup, especially with bigger light :)