KR1 W1 or W2 in green

I want a KR1 with green leds. I’ve read somewhere that you can email Hank to ask for W2 green emitters in the KR1for small fee. On his website, there’s only the W1. Can’t retrieve where i’ve read that and ask more info… So what you guys think about those 2 Green leds ? What is the difference between those 2… I’m new here, still learning the enthusiast flashlight world…

Thanks for any input!

From what I can tell across the different colors etc the difference of an ‘N’ or a ‘P’ denotes the led footprint.

N = 1mm² or ‘W1’
P = 2mm² or ‘W2’

Typically smaller footprints throw better(higher candela) and large footprints are brighter(higher lumen) with less throw(less candela).

So if you want a pencil beam with ultimate distance go the smaller LED, if you want a bit more usable spill and a slightly bigger hotspot go W2.

For a pocket thrower I chose a W2 because its better on foot at night (a pencil beam is much less forgiving if you are moving around).

If I was spotting for a rifle I’d perhaps choose the W1 as it is more precise and I’m moving less. I don’t really shoot but know hunters that will often go for W1 for this reason.

All right! I understand now, Thanks for the good explanation! I’ll go with the W2

From the W2(G) writing on the box, it seems that these are really green W2.