Kratax mini torch or Olight S1R BATON II? URGENT!

Hi, I’m sorry for the urgency, it is real. Would you buy the Olight S1R BATON II mini torch or the newer Kratax mini torch 900 lumens that came out in July 2019? I’m uncertain.
Thanks for your suggestions.

EDIT: This is the Kratax mini torch:
Olight S1R BATON II:

u are linking to the olight…

That link goes to the Olight, but I think the light you’re referencing might be a rebranded Wuben TO10R.

My answer is neither; I’d get an Acebeam TK16 with SST-20 emitters.

I would get the S1R BATON II between those two …

Thanks for your precious news. Anyway I corrected the first post. The right link is it:

Kratax what’s? it’s zoomy Olight no and better overall! Understood?

I have the Acebeam TK16 with the OSRAM emitters as well, would definitely recommend it over the Olight

The Kratax looks rubbish to me


But why does it have only 4 stars?
Look at the Amazon page:

Do you have Olight torch?


Because there is no such thing as the perfect light for everybody (read the cons and negative reviews on the amazon link you just provided), it is all just a matter of personal opinion.

try to find those opinions for the other lights as well and please remember we’re just trying to help you right?

My questions are to understand better. Thank you!

Amazon reviews are probably one of the worst sources of info on a product. I’m constantly seeing people leave 1-stars because they didn’t read the manual, or not liking a single, small aspect of a product or leaving 5-star reviews that don’t actually say anything or mean they used the product long, or at all.

The Kratax seems “a lot” like the Wuben E05 and the Xanes XT03 :neutral_face:

Olights have the best build quality of any brand I’ve seen. However, I don’t like the limited emitter option so I don’t own much Olights. Although I have never heard of Kratax, I’m sure it is no where near Olight quality otherwise it would be a well known brand already. The Acebeam TK16 is a great light that I love. However, due to the battery size, it will not last long.

I do have the 3 of the Olight S1R II. Its a good light with a nice charging set up, very convenient. Measured in my lumen tube it does make its rated 1000 lumens.
The other light you linked looks like a Wuben E05. I have 2 of those and they are also very nice lights. They do make their claimed 900 lumens also.
The supplied battery is rechargeable by usb but the vapcell 14500 battery may give better perforamnce.
The Wuben uses a 14500 and the olight 16340 but with the olight you can only use olight 10c batteries.
The Olight is definetly a nice light with easy charging and a good UI with a very small package for 1000 lumens.
If I had to pick one I guess I would pick the Olight.
But if you have the money to buy both I would try the Wuben E05 first and if you didn’t like it return it or keep it and buy the olight.
The Wuben E05 package deal is on sale at the moment.
The Wuben for $24 bucks is well worth the money.
Just my opinion :smiley: .

Hey, out of curiosity, I need to ask a question: you told me Kratax Torch 900 lumen is like WUBEN E05 900 Lumen.Why should I buy WUBEN E05 instead of Kratax?
Kratax is almost the same but it has more options: adjustable focus and it is more recent. Then there is also another aspect: I live in Italy and WUBEN E05 costs 43,26 € whereas the Kratax costs 25,99 €.
Look at the links:

I think you suggest WUBEN E05 because you know it and you don’t know fine Kratax.
Just to know your opinion.
Thank you.

Honestly, where is the adjustable focus on that light? It has a reflector, no “zoom” function can be seen on that! The adjustable focus seems to be a “click bate”, not a function…

More than that, the UI seems to be ambiguous, it is not well explained on the amazon page! You can’t say id strobe is on the regular cycle or not, if it has memory or not, if it starts on Turbo or in low…

It is sure that the wuben E05 doesn’t have the perfect UI, but the Kratax steps away even further, I guess!

About the price, the Wuben is always more expensive, and it seems that you have urgency, otherwise I would advise you to check AliExpress where you can find a Wuben for 34€!

If you have the money for it, check this german store, in case you prefer the Wuben!
This is the TLF version of the Wuben, with a different LED and a different UI:

And a different price, though…

That light does not have adjustable focus. Just get the olight or the acebeam suggested by Yokiamy, both great lights.

No one knows what this Kratax really is.

Besides, I don’t understand why coosing between both lights. The Kratax taken as Wuben E05, it differs from the Olight in any aspect. Different form factor, battery, UI, charging, beam, price … you name it.

Between both lights there are lots of other options. None of them meets your requirements?

All you are wonderful guys, I thank you a lot for your help. I think I will buy acebeam. Thanks again one.