L2P running 2 x 18650

I have a SolarForce L2P with an extension coming but I am still debating if I should run 4x rcr123 for more voltage or 2x 18650 for more run time.

I ordered a Solar Force LC-XPG R5 4.2V-8.4V 300lumen that should run good off 2x 18650 but am looking for other drop-in options. I also have a Lumens Factory XP-G R5 300lumen but it is 3.6V-13V so I was probably going to run it in my Surefire 9p with 3x rcr123. I like the fact that it is a little under driven for more reliability.

Is there anything brighter that is still reliable? I was looking at the solarforce LC-XML 500lumen but they only run off 3.7v and I see ultrafire and ebay bulbs rated at 720+ lumens but don't know if they are any good. I only use my light in short burst but would still like the ability to run at full power for 5-10 minutes if I have to change a tire or possibly have lower modes in case I have to run it for a couple hours.

Try 3-mode XM-L Ultrafire drop-in from Manafont ;) For use with 1x18650. Besides slightly purplish spill, excellent dropin for 16 bucks.

+1 what Sashi said. I just got my shipment of SF bodies and the UF XML, 3 mode drop-ins from Manafont and I will bet that you will not need the flashlight on high to change a flat.

Any particular reason you are partial to the R5, Adam? It wouldn't be able to really utilize that extra 18650, I'm afraid. The XM-L is a clear step up.

Why multiple cells? I assume you are looking for runtime?

I'd just reduce it to a single cell and pocket a spare battery if you plan to run it that long.

Do 2x cells not increase run time? I was even considering running 3 for a truck light instead of a 3dcell mag.

I was under the impression that the XM-L was all spill and I prefer allot of throw. I was looking at a XR-E also because I was gong to weapon mount it as a spot light but I have another L2P coming that I will just run one cell for pocket carry but I still prefer a good mix of spill and throw like the XPG.

I have been very happy with these 280-320 lumen I have and don't need anything brighter unless it increases throw.

Yes, it will increase run time, and also brightness, but not much. If with 2x18650 the brightness is about the same, you will have almost twice run time. The downside of this combo is the size of flashlight. Many people prefer smaller size and have 1 spare cell instead.

About throw and spill - it will depend on reflector you use. For example, your light has 4 cm. diam. reflector with XPG. XM-L emitter is about 4 times bigger, so, for a good throw, the reflector should be at least 4 times bigger as well. But in the same reflector, i.e. P60 host, XML probably will be less throwy but you will gain enormous amount of spill. I have L2P with that dropin I told you before. Man, crazy amount of light from such a small flashlight (@2.5A). Get a well driven R5 dropin and you will have 2 lights in one. Interchange dropins et voila :D

Remember to choose SMO reflector if you want more throw.

T6 drop-ins: http://www.manafont.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=drop-in+t6&log=&x=0&y=0

R5 drop-ins: http://www.manafont.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=drop-in+r5&log=&x=0&y=0

I have a TK 11 with the R5 and it's not throwier than my Ultrafire C8 XM-L T6. Aside from color, they have the same beam pattern. Now the XR-E I can see having boatloads of throw. Then again, I hear what you're saying. Sometimes you just like a particular emitter.

TK11 has smaller reflector.

Ok I get it now.

I like the beam pattern of the XPG much like the surefire p60l but it's 3-4x as bright but will also be getting a XML to experiment with and one of those large heads also. I can always swap them around for different uses.

As far as battery usage, assuming they are both the same brightness, would a single cell w/ 0.8-4.2v bulb run anywhere near as long as a double cell with a 4-8.4v bulb? It seems like the single cell makes more use of the battery and can nearly drain it while the double cell has twice the capacity though.

XM-L can be driven @1A and @4A also. I remember that someone made a great graph comparison, between current and brightness. And if I'm not wrong, XML works great @ ~2.5A, and those Ultrafire dropins from Manafont works @ 2.0-2.7A, thats why we recommend them. Check user reviews there, btw ;)