L2X Clone, Small Sun ZY Build

came with a p60 crapola modes. threw it in the trash and dropped in a triple and loaded a glow tailcap.
just a rear pic at the moment.

looks nice and was wondering were did you get the glow tailcap from?

Check it out here
Nobody: Looks good. How is the quality of the host?

very clean. not a scratch on it. the threads are dry and noisy on the head but tailcap seems to be smooth. a little elbow grease helped the threads on the head. the threads also look clean almost solarforce cut clean…
payed $13 shipped with the drop indrop in.

Overall would you say it’s a good buy for the money? Does it feel like quality like the solarforce lights do? I’ve been considering one for a while.

thanks pilotdog68 for the inforamtion and looks like a very nice mod.

course it’s worth it… Super cheap. yea I’d say it’s quility Is as good as SOLARFORCE

Nice for the money, not Solarforce quality but very few lights are. Threads are pretty good, anodizing is of lower quality. Lens can move around, sometimes.