Labor Day sort of oldtimers Giveaway #1 UltraFire LZZ-F15 - The Winner is moderator007

We have a Winner!


moderator 007

Here's an Ultrafire F15 for giveaway. It's one I received for Review and I have not done any modding to it, except I stippled the reflector.


The giveaway is open to anyone who became a member on or Before 01/01/2013. It's a giveaway for members who have been here a while, not for newbies, sorry newbies,Frown I will be doing one for you too...Wink

The Giveaway runs until Wednesday 09-04-2013, sometime during the day.

Hurry up and post. Your post number is your lucky number at


I in, too…

in like FLINT

IN Thanks.

Thanks OL. :beer:

I like this light. It's a very nice light if it's treated like a host. Thanks Old Lumens.

Thanks OL! Count me in :slight_smile: Have a good Labor Day!

Some day I will actually win one :slight_smile:
Thanks OL

Thank you friend. I’m in.

Pleas count me in too. Thanks

Count me in! :beer:

I’m in, thanks.

Thanks Old-Lumens!

Cool and thanks, glad I didn’t wait any longer than I did to sign up.

Thanks for the giveaway! :slight_smile:

i am in,thanks.


Nice giveaway Ol :wink:
Count me in on this one.
Thank you OL.

I’m in! Thanks o-l!