Lanshi LS-007 1-Mode Flashlight (1*AAA)

any one tried these at KD

Lanshi LS-007 1-Mode Flashlight (1*AAA)
Lanshi LS-007 1-Mode Flashlight (1*AAA) Bronze-coloured (S006451)
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Link does not work for me.

Hi there Barrie,

A few users tried what appears to be an unmarked Lanshi LS-007 and they didn't like it too much:

However, there is so much manufacturing variation in these cheap lights that you might order one and get a really nice one. To me it's a very attractive design. But I wouldn't buy it from Kaidomain. It's much cheaper elsewhere, such as on eBay:

The bronze one

The white one

The blue one

The Red One - looks pink to me

The Black one - 5 pack

It worries me when I see "Back order - Ship as soon as stock arrives"

Although my example of the above is not labeled “Lanshi”, I believe it is the very same. And I was not all that impressed with it. The MXDL twisty is very similar in some aspects, but significantly better imo: The same dealer offers a clicky MXDL that is also worthy of consideration.

thanks for the help

sorry for the failed link

i am still trying to find a AA or AAA that is cheap enough to buy 20 to give away but bright enough to have the WOW factor and not look to cheap and nasty

i have rueled out multy mode as asked for in my other post as the ones at a price i would want to pay are not good

so i am thinking it is better to have one bright mode that works than three that dont work

i will continue to look at posts and sellers sites budget is around $5 per light $100 total budget

i would like at 50 lumens or more

thanks Barrie

I have this one: used to be cheaper, I think they raised the price up by 50 cents.

It has an OSRAM in it, ok brightness. I think people would love to see the zoomed in picture of the emitter. Throws nicely.

thanks that looks a bit like a LED LENSER clone

definatly one to put on the list if i buy 10 the price comes down to just over $5 i think i can strech to that

Ah yes, good suggestion about the zooming lights Midieval10. I think they're a superb value because of the good quality and nice OSRAM emitter. You could also take a look at an even cheaper version, which I own and like:

It's the best little light you'll find for less than $5.00, or even less than $10.00.

That one looks nicer than my C78, which looks too plain IMO. Go with the ebay one and maybe ask for a discount with bulk purchases.

And an even nicer looking one is the Sipik SK-58 at Focalprice, and they do offer a pretty good bulk discount. But I'm torn between the Sipik SK-58 and the generic one I linked to on eBay. The Sipik has excellent quality and looks like a million bucks, but it has a somewhat uglier beam pattern. The beam color is still nice, and bright. The generic one, on the other hand is not as good quality, but the beam pattern is beautiful.

I'm getting both (SK-58 and the ebay one). Just not anytime soon ;)

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Sipik SK-58 at Focalprice

Did buy a few from meritline and were mediocre at best. Emitters were not generic leds but almost. Like half cree Q3 performance but same current draw.

The lanshi is probably the same as all on that price range. Blueish 5 lumen flashlight that you will be ashamed to even try to gift.

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I got the NF-037-58 [ same thing ]

What a pain in the Ass to get it working right ...

Ended up doing a SSC P4 mod to it after getting it to work , now I like it . Runs ok on a AAA Dry cell ..