Lanyard Giveaway Part III Congratulations df2dot !

This is an adjustable Snake weave lanyard in electric blue and black .

And here it is clipped to my de-anoded SRM 763 .

If you are interested in receiving this lanyard just reply to this thread . I will choose a winner based on a random number . Thanks .

And the winner is df2dot .


Awesome lanyard. I'd love to have it :)


Looks awesome! Put me in the hat.

Pick Me *smiles*

Count me in please and thanks.

That looks nice. Thanks for the offer.

Replied and look'in good!


That's nice.

I'll pay any excess postage to the UK in the event of my winning.

Very nice!

Btw, is that a de-anodized SRM 763 in your picture, or did you make your own handles? Looks great!

Very nice Jack! Don’t put my name in, just wanted to say thanks for doing it.

I will pay all postage costs .

Then I'm in :)

Awesome, Jack. Count me in, please :p

Oh boy, sometimes I'm so blind

Thanks Hikelite!

Love it! Count me in, Jack, I'd love to have one of your lanyards. Many thanks for offering it.

Put me in twice ....I think I must have missed part 2..

great colors

im in!!!