I'm looking for Lanyards for my flashlights. Shinigbeam sells what I'm looking for:

Does anyone know a shop where I can buy something similar for less money?


Hardly, 1,3usd is pretty low anyway. I always wonder how they manage to pay shipping fee's. That lanyard is nothing special. You might buy a cheap fashlight to gift to someone that has a lanyard included (many do).


to name just a few.

Getting one shipped for 80 cents aint gonna happen im afraid.

Yea but shipping is expensive (5.9$) so it's not that cheap 1.3$ would be ok if shipping is included.

Some factory in China must churn the things out in the millions. If you want enough of them, this page might be useful.

Any cheaper than that and youre probably asking for impossible.

How many do you need? If it is just 2-3 I can probably pull them off lights I don't use - quite happy to send them for the cost of the postage which won't be much. Less than a euro I'd guess.

Thanks for your offer! But I've found what I was looking for: 0.4$ each shipped

or which is 0.2$ each but I only need ~10

I bought a bunch of the ones from shiningbeam and they are tough and sharp looking but you can't beat the price of the ones you found on ebay. Those colored ones would be cool for gifting with flashlights. Cool

KD also has some:

0.75 $

0.97 $

And if you need nice ones (which don't break) with paracord... look at this THREAD.

I bought these ones: 0,38$ shipped

I already own some of them - bought from Shinigbeam a few weeks ago and the quality is ok (they seem to be absolutely equal) ...

Obviously you have all missed out by not going for -


Oh no! Now I just have to buy a bunch of them pink ones.

Damn you Pook! :D

Having sold them for years ,you can bet there's differences in all of them . i hate most of the ones that come on lights I buy and replace them with better ones .. Not that I care thay much but no one likes trash . i'm like shining beam get good money out of it or don't bother with it . About a 2~1.50...3 for 5 $ is right..Anything less ...what's the point . On the other hand i've never shipped any . Mine are from older cell phones ,back when the quality was there . It's not the kind of thing you hunt down to resell .When they fall in your lap and you see the quality you get all excited .people rarely ask for them and only occasionally notice that you have them ..But when they do it's like a little light goes off.."Oh yeah i need those suckers and can't find them anywhere !"

Got these of off KD. Very nice, but now sold out.