Large holster? for X9, STL-V6 etc

I need a holster, bag or something to protect the lens of big head lights like X9 and STL-V6 from getting broken while being carried.

Any ideas?

Something like this open bottom C8 holster would be good:

This is the one i used to have. Got rid of it because i rarely used it. It was very nice and could fit my TK41, so im sure it will fit your X9 and STL-V6

I use the maglite belt loop holster for my x9. Works awesome for big head flashlights for quick and easy reach-and-grab use. Doesn't offer protection for the lights, but leaves quick and easy access, especially when wearing gloves. I dont want to have to fight with buttons, and tight squeeze fits.

gorann, this is the holster for the dry:

Hey guys. Did you miss this one? It's not made for flashlights in particular but I feel it would work great and keep your light handy at all times. Another advantage is that people would really take notice and soon we would have new converts to this flashlight game. That would bring the price down for all of us. I didn't have it posted in the other post very well and I don't think very many people saw it. Here it is again in case you missed it.