Large number of laptop batteries

So I have a large number of used laptop batteries, about 80 packs. There are three kinds one type has 9 18650s in them and the other two have 6 18650s in them. So needless to say I have way to many. Is there a market for these old 18650s? or even the packs? I am guessing if I were to pull them all it would be around 500 18650s.

Will get pics up as soon as I figure out how.

Bless your fingers and your patience.
You can make giant battery packs for E-bikes!

very clever idea, 1 battery equals about 1km, i just wish there was a way to stack X number of cells together and a controller that would handle it

Well after 6 packs, I think I have more than I can use lol.

Where do you live?
I’m sure there are people here who would buy a few.

A few members sell pulled laptop cells.

It would take a long time, but if you could verify the capacity and quality of the cells that would be for the best.

What might work even better is if they are all identical packs (same brand/capacity for the 9 packs and 6 packs), verify the type of cell(capacity/viability) in the each type of pack and then sell the other packs as whole units instead of breaking all the cells out.

Huntington, WV. If you need some let me know. I have more than I can ever use. By several factors.

It's a lot of work for very little money. Unless you're doing it as a kindness to the forum, sell the unopened packs for whatever you can get on ebay.

Used laptop packs are most times not worth it. Sorting through them to find the completely dead cells, the ones with 30% capacity remaining, and the 'good' ones with 60%... not worth it. Laptops are incredibly unkind to their batteries. Old but unused laptop packs are a different story.

Toss all batteries that measure under 3v (3.2 to be safe)
If you can, try to check what year are the laptops that run these batteries made in. Anything over 6 years could be tossed.
If you have a charger that can measure capacity (ex:imaxB6 for 20$ on ebay) you can test the capacity of the battery by discharging it after you fully charge them.
I think you should wait until someone wants these batteries, then take them apart. You can give them an option of having solder tabs or not.

By the way, you can use the battery packs as actual battery packs. They come with a built in protection board and thermal resistors. Just solder your plug to the + and -

!!! !

Ok Red I have opened 2 packs, 18 total batteries. None have been lower than 4.02v
Dark green, 1 pack, 6 batteries. Range from 3.03-3.43v
Neon green, 1 pack, 6 batteries. 2.4-2.9v

Hope I did that picture right.

That neon green one is an IMR. Are you sure that didn’t come from a drill pack?

Neon green is samsung 2200mah. Dark green is sony 2400mah. Red is sanyo 2600mah.

Red are the only decent ones with enough potential capacity to justify extracting and testing imo.

Laptop. Charging them now to see how they hold a charge.

Just showing off.

To are cells above 2.7v (my personal cut off). Bottom row is cells above 3.8v.

Blue ones are samsung 15M’s (IMR)! Still have a couple more packs from today. I really like the 15M’s I had about 15-20 already.


These seem to be the most promising. Have 8 packs unopened. These seem to be the best. Opened two packs and they were all above 4v.


These are the next best all rated above 3v. Have 6 packs.

These I have an absolute ton of them about 26 packs. The one I opened they were low all under 3v.

Would it be worth it to make a few bucks and sell the excess or just go ahead and make that battery to end all batteries.

There's more to it than that. With age they build up internal resistance, you need to do discharge tests on all of them and compare the capacity at low current with capacity at high current (usually 1 amp is good enough). The ones with a large spread between low & high current are junk, regardless of their resting voltage or how well they maintain voltage after charging.

Why do you have to compare high and low current discharge opposed to just testing high current discharge?

The thought of testing that many batteries make me giggle…. So what would be the best method to do that?