Larger 18650 Battery Case

Can anyone recommend a decent 18650 battery carrying case that can hold more than 2 batteries (4-8, maybe)? I've only found 2-battery cases. Basic clear plastic is preferred, but I'm willing to consider other options. Note I only want a carrying/storage case, not a charging holder with contacts/leads, etc.

Maplin in the UK sell this box for £2.49 (US$4) which holds 5 18650s nicely. Kowing Maplin's typical markup it is probably available for half that elsewhere.

It is made by Raaco in Denmark but AFAIR Raaco is owned by a US corporation who probably sell the same thing or something similar in the US. If you can't find anything else I'm happy to post you some of these at cost. They aren't heavy so shouldn't cost too much to post from the UK.

Thanks Don. I tried to track down something similar to that Raaco box, but no luck so far. If nobody else here on BLF locates something similar in the next few days, I might PM you for a total to get 4 of those to me (USA).

Also need a larger 18650 battery case , I will search Ebay and see if there is one ..

I just found that one on eBay coming from the UK (seller: towzatronics). As Don said, it is fairly expensive, but I don't see any better options just yet.

It isn't specifically designed for 18650 batteries but just happens to fit them, via a 5-compartment insert. It looks like they stack nicely, though.

They do. I own quite a lot of them.

I'm happy to get as many of these as people want and post them at cost. They went up by 25% in price recently from £1.99 to £2.49. Maplin say they are out of stock of them just now but are getting more. One or two of them should cost less than £1 to post anywhere in the world.

If you are interested please PM me first and DO NOT send me any money. I'll let you know the costs. The laptop with all my Paypal info on it dies every so year or so and refuses to boot for a month or two (I got it for nothing as it got a bottle of sparkling wine spilled into it when it was a day old - the insurance company wrote it off). It died on me this afternoon and my email archive will not be accessible until the end of May probably. If it isn't alive by June I'll dissect it and pull the data off the drive. This is not easy, hence the hope that it'll come alive sooner than that. I have backups. But they are encrypted and the key is on the laptop that just died on me.

Fortunately the orders for QTC pills got printed out. They will be posted at the end of this week.

Haha, genius!

I was called out to a solicitors office to fix a broken PC, they were sure it would be okay as everything was backed up on the computers second hard drive.

Which of course wasn't a second hard drive, just a seperate partition on the primary now dead drive.

A type of rechargeable cell in which the anode is carbon and the cathode is a metal oxide (e.g. cobalt(IV) oxide, CoO2). The electrolyte is a lithium salt such as the borate (LiBO4) or chlorate (LiClO4) in an organic solvent. The action of the cell depends on movement of Li ions between anode and cathode with oxidation of the cobalt ions during charging and reduction during discharge. Lithium-ion batteries are light and have a low self-discharge rate, although the capacity does deteriorate with age.

Old thread but wanted to share that you can get a 4 cell holder free with cotton swabs:

Downside is it's a bit on the small side. It fits the AW IMR's (65.3mm) perfectly but won't fit anything longer than that (my Tenergy and AW 2600's at 65.8 won't fit):

I have a few pelican/otterbox cases that should hold a few 18650's. I'll see what fits this weekend and post up.

Hi Anagoge myself I have found that a Ferrero Rocher container is quite usefull

Cost about 4 quid and you get the chocolate as well ;)

Are those ultrafire,fire,fire i see in there :slight_smile:

They indeed are Jakey :)

I had a similar thread earlier this year.

Some of those cases that fit 4 would be very handy.

Braver man than me… :smiley:

Or daft.

You want a perfect fit for many 18650s??

Go for the Pelican 1010 case with rubber inserts. It’s waterproof, shockproof and can store up to 11x 18650 cells snugly to the insert. 5 in the bottom and 6 above. I can even put 5x AAA cells on top of these if I want to.

Note that unprotected cells will fit loosely, and 18700s will be a tight fit and should be placed on top and not at the bottom. “Normal” protected cells fit perfectly.

I also mark on side with “+ = Full”, so that any cell that has the positive side the opposite way needs to be recharged. I can not recommend this product enough if you need storage space for many cells.